This is why the arrival of Google France Assistant leaves me skeptical

just as the update to Nougat, Google Wizard (too) is overdue. Employees of LG confirmed its release date for the end of the year but I am still quite puzzled: what is it going to change? Pending a more complete analysis, here are some first ideas.

for those who do not know Google Wizard, know that it is the smart Wizard of Google. It is incorporated in smartphones Pixel, unit Google Home, and will soon be used in other devices such as the LG G6 . Simply put, you talk to him, he learns things about you and done everything to be useful. Of course, it does what you tell him, as the light that save the appointment.

In theory, it looks interesting, but in practice it is more questionable. I had the opportunity to use it on the Pixel (in English, since it is not available in french) and I have not found a striking utility. Moreover, I’m still pretty skeptical with voice interfaces, generally must speak slowly and/or my words are not understood (perhaps because of the southern accent?), which somewhat ruins the user experience. 

It is quite annoying to use a voice interface

what do you think?

In another perspective, Google Wizard has a role that goes beyond what you can expect from a smartphone. It can be used as part of the Internet of things (with Google Home, especially), and as you know the Internet of objects has a great future ahead of him so it is possible that Google Wizard has an also. In the short term, I’d say that it is of no interest but maybe in the future it will become essential, as much to you as to me. Only, must be able to use it: if he cannot access your electrical system, its potential is already strongly declined.

Google Assistant will arrive in France by next September. Last year, the Pixel was introduced and marketed during the month of October so it is likely that to the next Pixel be marketed directly in France. I assume it will sell well because many people love Google, but I doubt that Google Wizard is the most used aspect. 

In short, Google Wizard has great potential but perhaps not necessarily on smartphone. The IoT is still developing, so this release might not change much thing to the current state of things.

What do you think? Google Wizard use? it

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