Surprise: the new smartphone from Honor will be presented in a few weeks!

the evening is rich in surprise! At my event at the MWC in Barcelona, Honor made a new announcement. In addition to the presentation of the Honor 6 X ProKit, the head in Germany de Honor, Marco Eberlin, announced a new smartphone for the beginning of April. 

we thought the star of Honor event was 6 X ProKit, but shortly after the end of the conference Marco Eberlein surprises us with new information.

at the beginning of the month of April, we will introduce a new smartphone that Honor fans will love

the Honor V9 or Honor Magic?

It is very interesting, because in our view, two devices could well work in our European regions. On the one hand, there is the Honor Magic which is available since December 2016 in China: it impresses not only with its design but also by its software interface. Although Honor showed the Magic to its stand at the Mobile World Congress, we were told there that this device will not exceed China’s borders.

That leaves the V9 Honor introduced shortly before the MWC 2017, and currently addressing a clienteloe Chinese. This big phablette of 5.7 inches is interesting because it’s the first smartphone of Honor that has a screen WQHD. In other words, it opens the way to virtual reality in Honor! 

We are eager to see what Honor will introduce us in April. According to you, what is it?

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