Power consumption of the raspberry PI zero W (with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) measured on [Full Guide]

Raspi.tv is always reliable. It’s almost a tradition that there is measured the power consumption of the latest PIs. Yesterday, the raspberry PI Foundation has the raspberry PI announced zero W . This is in effect a raspberry PI zero, but offers WLAN / WiFi and Bluetooth. The specifications of the hardware are also known as of yesterday. The same hardware as in the raspberry provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth PI 3. The developers have discussed but not power consumption. But never mind, the community is as always very fast with such details.

power consumption: raspberry PI zero W

5,19V electricity consumption (source: raspi.tv):


download LXDE

zero zero A W + A B + B pi 2 B PI idle of 3B
100 120 100 140 200 360 230 230
140 160 130 190 230 400 310 310

1080 p watch video 140 170 140 200 240 420 290 290
1080 p video record 240 230 230 320 330 480 350 350

the results are hardly surprising. the raspberry PI zero W consumes approximately 20 Ma more than zero without wireless transmissions. Therefore suggests that the new radio chip for the additional power is responsible.

Raspberry Pi Zero W braucht relativ wenig Strom (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

raspberry PI zero W needs relatively little power (source: raspberrypi.org)

power consumption is measured according to own statements with an electronic meter with a calibrated 20 amp shunt. Various activities include idle and also make video. However, the video is not stored in letzteresm. In the see of the film on the SD card is video. The camera module is not connected normally, except of course when shooting videos. Otherwise, only HDMI and USB keyboard are connected. The raspberry PI zero W was a Wi-Fi connected, there no Bluetooth activity took place but.

why of the zero when recording videos uses more power as the zero W, is not entirely clear. It could be simply a measurement error. The tester specifies that numbers should be used more as a guide. The used electronic meter part reaches the limits.

depends on what you’re doing

of course it comes in power consumption that the device is as busy. I find such numbers still helpful. You can over the thumb, so aim for, how much power a raspberry PI zero W as opposed to a PI 3 eats.

I’ve got myself an A + with a battery test set . The approach is of course different and the machine was idle. Here the battery is how old and strong and what actually drives the A + it depends on that.

Nice PI-constellation

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