«MagPi 55 is here - with detailed information about the raspberry PI zero W [Full Guide]

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2 March 2017 no comment sent: Jürgen (jdo)

there is a new edition of the official raspberry PI Magazine. Of course you will find information in the MagPi 55 to the just raspberry publish PI zero W . The developers have the tiny wireless / WiFi and Bluetooth offers. If you’re interested in the power of the newest family member, then you will here find it . The article about the raspberry PI zero W is indeed very interesting. The developers explain the device across multiple pages divided exactly in detail. Each little piece is explained in detail. For hobbyist, this is certainly interesting. We go starting on page 64.

MagPi 55 (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

MagPi 55 (source: raspberrypi.org)

more content in the MagPi 55

the raspberry PI zero W is also used in the big-build article . There, the magazine shows you how you decoupage a retro gaming device.

a further article, how can you secure your RasPi or backup , a . Options the good include and of course dd tar . Also is of course rsync mentioned.

also deals the MagPi 55 with advanced control of GPIO. The magazine is in English as usual and you can do it for free download here . As always worth a browse.

the magazine is busy also, like you from the PI a multi media center with kodi can do. I’ve described but also that this article . LibreELEC and a raspberry PI 3 are an incredibly good team.

Nice PI-constellation

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