LG G6: how to have its screen rounded on your Android smartphone

the G6 LG is probably one of the most important MWC 2017 smartphones. The smartphone is distinguished by a screen in 18:9 unique in the world, perfectly matching the design of the terminal. Peculiarity of this screen, it is rounded at the corners. Imagine that you can now have this screen rounded on your Android smartphone. A simple application is sufficient.

lg g6 ecran arrondi

LG G6 has been officially announced at MWC 2017 of Barcelona. The smartphone is very successful on many points. Its design is particularly worked and decidedly upscale. my camera is very promising and LG ensures that autonomy is the appointment.

But as we have seen at our handling of the LG G6 , its biggest asset is probably its screen. It is unique in the world with a format 18:9 (16:9 for others) and integrated the latest technology State of the art: Dolby Vision and HDR.

Its screen perfectly into the design of its smartphone, LG made an original proposal: a display rounded corners. This detail has attracted many users. But you don’t need to have a LG G6 to enjoy.

How to have the rounded screen of LG G6 on your Android smartphone

If you are one of those who love this rounded form, remember that you can have on your Android smartphone with a simple application. Name: Cornerfly. So here’s how to take advantage of the screen of the LG G6 rounded on your smartphone:

lg g6 ecran cornerfly

here your screen is normally rounded corners as on the LG G6 . We did the manipulation on the Honor 8 is the result is there. Details on our smartphone, the bar of the navigation keys is not rounded. So, are you going to cut corners on your screen?

lg g6 ecran honor 8

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