How Huawei and GoPro have United their strength with the Quik app

one of the highlights of the press conference of Huawei this Sunday during the presentation of the new Huawei P10 and P10 Plus was the formalization of the partnership with GoPro. Indeed, one of the most famous video edition applications, Quik, owned by the American, comes pre-installed on new devices of the Chinese giant. A win-win deal for both companies, but this hides some surprises yet.

Quik, what is?

Quik is one of the best available video editing for free apps on Android and iPhone. For those who don’t know, the application offers to create a video montage composed of photos, videos and music stored on your device in seconds. One of the benefits of the app is that you have nothing (or almost) to do. After him the items that you want to appear in your video, Quik analysis automatically the content and takes care to select the best moments, add pretty effects of transitions and come up with a song and filters all have have suggested.

if it reminds you of Google Photos, this is normal. However, in contrast to the application of the mountain VIew company, video montages of Quik are stored on the internal memory of the phone, and in the cloud. GoPro will only download your video in the cloud if you want to share it on social networks.

A collaboration not devoid of interest

Richard Yu, the iconic boss of Huawei, was proud on Sunday to present my collaboration with GoPro to offer users of its new flagships Quik video editing features, formerly called Replay before its purchase by the American firm in March 2016. Of course, this partnership is an opportunity for both brands to combine their forces. On the one hand, GoPro can take advantage of the strength of Huawei to increase its sales in China. On the other hand, Huawei can offer features fun and different from its competitors while enjoying the reputation of GoPro in the rest of the world.

Yet, when my grip, to my surprise was impossible to test the features promised by Huawei. Intrigued by this situation, I therefore took my presence at MWC to go meet Hugo Brac, the development of Android of Quik’s Manager, in order to clarify the thing.

AndroidPIT Huawei P10 plus Hands on MWC 2017 153153
the “Highlights” of Quik feature would have been here. © AndroidPIT

Quik is white label

in practice, Quik is like a white mark for P10 and P10 more users who cannot realize the partnership with GoPro when they want to share their videos. However, if you are curious and you get the applications that are installed on their device, it is possible to see the application in the system process. This also helps the team of Quik to disseminate updates in the updates of the system.

A hidden application in process system of the Huawei P10

contrary to what might be expected as a result of the partnership between Huawei and GoPro, Quik application was not pre-installed in a visible way on smartphones. New Huawei smartphones simply part on the application Gallery of the smartphone “Highlights”, a technology of local image generating photo albums based on people, places and events, but which also automatically creates video movies. Quik teams worked with the Chinese manufacturer to integrate their application in the best way and to facilitate the experience of users. For Hugo Brac, the head of the Android app, it was a huge work since my team is working on the project for more than 8 months.

androidpit quik huawei p10
showing the P10, Quik app system processes appears. © AndroidPIT

why the feature is not found in the beginning

strangely, it is not possible during the first two days of using the smartphone to take advantage of the features of Quik. Huawei has indeed wanted to leave time for its users to make snapshots with your smartphone. If the itch you to use the feature, it is always possible to go through the Store.

  • App version: – 961b92e

  • the app size: 82.1 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.4 or more

  • economic model: completely free

Quik – editor Video free Install on Google Play

did you know this application? Have you already used?


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