Foosball connected who will see all the colors!

Sacha ended up one day with a points counter broken on my football. Listening only to my courage (of Maker), he decides to replace the unusable meter by a ‘real’ counter. How? With a great Arduino course!

a history of meter

for a maker, the ‘real’ counter cannot be and electronic and powered by an Arduino! Suddenly Sacha sought which would be best for my application.

the matrix

but the RGB LED matrices are still quite expensive…

so he chose to take 3 dice 8 * 8 for which he made a case, then printed by my care and those… of a 3D printer.

the detection of goals

then he had to find a method to detect the goals. The simplest seemed to detect the ball as it passes into the tube that allows to recover.

for that Sacha has placed a LED color on one side of the tube (picture above).

on the other side it’s a photoresistor which is responsible for detecting the goals…

when the ball passes the LDR detects less light and therefore knows that there is a goal (Finally, not her, the Arduino 🙂). Then there is a light animation to celebrate each goal.

the schema

click to enlarge

at the heart of the scheme sits an Arduino. my left the House alarm. There are two LDR ( Light Dependent Resistor ). Well Yes, one on each side! The LEDs are not represented on this scheme. To the right of the diagram, the two displays, each consists of 3 LED matrices.

the Arduino below 3 transistors driving each a color of the strip of LEDs: R, G, or B which allows some flashes and mixtures of colors.

program for the Arduino is available online.

the control circuit

click to enlarge.

for the future, to improve the wiring Sacha has realized a PCB and used a little better suited connectors.

photos of realization

Le PCB et les câbles.

the PCB and cables.

Gros plan sur l'Arduino.

close-up on the Arduino.

Un des compteurs et son boîtier en impression 3D.

one of the counters and its case in 3D printing.

but marqué, rubans de LED allumés


Sacha won the second prize of the your craziest realization contest, organized by the Editions ENI and Kubii on the occasion of the release of my book. my football is a project in development.

Sacha also wants to add a button to start a game (the wiring is already done just that to get out the drill and place the button). He also wants to calculate the speed of the ball. It is my school student in electronics project applied for this year.  🙂
he also started to have fun with the ESP8266 so why not, in the near future, connect the foosball table to the Internet? Create profiles of players through RFID cards, create statistics… The only limits are now my imagination 🙂

to cap it all, I propose to Sacha detect the bowls, and equip the handles of detectors to ensure that the wheels of the players respect order!

do not hesitate to leave your comments and offer your accomplishments if you also have automated foosball 😉

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