Electronics and Leisure Magazine No. 138 came out

number 138 of the journal electronics and Leisure Magazine is available at your Newsagent and until may 2017. As usual you will find the Raspberry Pi and Arduino in this number 138 Elm. You can view the summary line , but also browse much of the journal before deciding to buy it.

in this issue:

a transmitter programmable FM

this programmable transmitter operates in the frequency range from 87 MHz to 108 MHz in modulation of frequency. Its power can vary from 0.5 mW to 2 mW. He has a BF audio output that allows to connect to a Hi-Fi amplifier, then you make your own radio station. Thanks to its LCD display, you can make all settings of the various parameters.


upon its release in early 2012, the RaspberryPi sold in the tens of thousands of copies, a respectable performance. For a few dollars, this nano-computer offers equivalent performance to a PC from a few years ago. There are several types of Raspberry Pi for sale, recently a new version 3 was released in parallel with version 2 always on sale, more a market opportunity expands. This article is the point on the RaspberryPi for you to help make your choice according to your needs.

turn your oscilloscope in spectrum analyser (1/2)

this two part article offers the study and the realization of a spectrum analyzer able to sample the signal in all of its bandwidth and display it on the screen of an oscilloscope feature ‘ X/Y’, also called ‘ X/Y’ mode

power of current laboratory constant

the Assembly presented in this article is a simple but useful laboratory instrument, which allows you to power with a constant current and adjustable, a circuit that is to be tested. This power supply has many applications. For example, it can be used to empirically verify the quantity of light emitted from a LED when it is powered with a current predetermined, without having to calculate the resistance of fall and connect it in series with the LED.

color thermometer for liquids

this chromatic thermometer using a RGB LED, the temperature of the water, or other liquids corrosive and conduct electricity. With a scale of colours, it is possible to determine the temperature using the following colors: blue for cold, the warm green and red for hot.

course Arduino VIII

in this eighth part of the course Arduino, you will discover in detail the Arduino UNO card, which is the development and prototyping card which has replaced the popular “Duemilanove”.

run programming on iPhone – IV

in the previous courses were presented the user interface and graphic controls. This article deepens the concepts of autorotating (autorotation of the display) and autosizing (automatic sizing of the display). It ends with a concrete project with the help of a “Table View”.

Platinum development for PIC18F8XXX – III

in this last part, devoted to the stage of development for PIC18F8XXX, you will find the analysis of a test program that reads the State of the buttons and displays on the LCD screen ID digital correspondent. Is also presented a terminal emulator with which you can debug programs under development.

maps of prototyping “BREAKOUT BOARD” multifunction – IV

in this fourth part dedicated to prototyping multifunction cards, you will find two new maps: one for the temperature measurement with an analog output signal and another analog/digital converter card. You will then see how interface these two cards with an Arduino.

VERTEX – IV 3D printer

in the previous number 137 of electronics and Leisure Magazine, the entire article was devoted to the description of the editing of the printhead (extruder) which is a long and painstaking step. This article describes the end of the mechanical Assembly of VERTEX 3D with the implementation of the axis of the Z and the structure of the printer.

USB interface for the arm robotic

this interface allows control from a PC, the robotic arm described in the previous number 137 of electronics and Leisure Magazine. It allows manual or automatic control mode by performing scheduled movements (and so repetitive), as for example a CNC machine.

the type of printed circuit, libraries and scripts are downloadable on the website of the journal, in the topic… Download.
ELM is one of the latest journals which talk electronics and € 8,30 spent on electronics and Leisure Magazine (100 pages) you open doors on various items, with the ability to flip through a part of the online magazine before buy you!

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