xUbuntu 17.04 beta with Ubuntu budgie, VLC 2.1 beta for Android and SHA-1 collision [Full Guide]

  • there are first beta versions of xUbuntu 17.04 Among other Ubuntu Budgie is test-ready 17.04 Beta 1

  • great humble bundles are currently available – games and books!

  • VLC 2.1 beta for Android with many new features is available – everyone can test

  • SuperTuxKart wants to be listed in steam

  • dungeons 3 comes also for Linux

  • Google SHA-1 collision

find xUbuntu 17.04 zesty Zapus beta is ready for testing – with Ubuntu Budgie 17.04

various offshoot of Ubuntu have provided first beta versions of 17.04 zesty Zapus . More specifically it is ( download link: information ):

Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 is the first version with the official status of the offshoot. So far, the distribution as Budgie remix was known.

I got Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 briefly considered beta and I like the interface. Ubuntu Budgie brings including LibreOffice 5.3 of chromium as a default browser and Geary as their E-Mail client.

Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 Zesty Zapus Beta

Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 zesty Zapus Beta

the surface reacts to a slightly older notebook afloat and the system more reminiscent of a classic desktop.

Ubuntu Budgie - MenĂ¼

Ubuntu Budgie – menu

the sidebar with the applets and the notifications. So you have everything at a glance.

Ubuntu Budgie - Seitenleiste

Ubuntu Budgie – sidebar

as said, Ubuntu Budgie not bad I like 17.04 beta. However the customizability I lack at the moment a bit, the I am used by Linux Mint 18.1 and cinnamon. Too much customization can be but also a curse, especially when users want to have an easy to use System.

humble book bundle: Arduino & raspberry PI

currently runs a very nice offer at modest bundle . The humble book bundle: Arduino & raspberry PI offers extensive reading on the subject – well, in the title. As always, the bundle in stages is divided. One US dollar is the minimum, and from $ 15, you get the full range of currently 336 US dollars worth. The provider will be set again in a few days. Maybe you expect to get there and then decide what bundle you want to buy. The works are all in English – despite a tempting offer.

Humble Book Bundle: Arduino & Raspberry Pi

humble book bundle: Arduino & raspberry PI

VLC 2.1 beta for Android

since VLC 2.0.6 for Android to play store not much did. But now it gives with VLC 2.1 Beta views on the upcoming version. 2.1 will remain not the version number. It is but also not yet decided who will wear number of the next stable VLC.

the developer version displays the video information about the cover image. The developer missed a new face to the audio player. Updates of content are more efficient and also the TV theme has been renovated. See all new features with animated images in the link above.

continues to VLC 2.1 beta supports 360 ° videos. Cardboard/VR mode is not yet available, but the developers are working.

360°-Video mit VLC (Quelle: geoffreymetais.github.io)

360 ° video with VLC (source: geoffreymetais.github.io)

in addition, the search has been improved and the software is Android compatible car.

who VLC 2.1 would like to test the beta, must join the beta program. Then you will receive the software as a regular update on the Google play store.

VLC 2.1 Beta - jeder kann Tester werden

VLC 2.1 Beta – everyone can become a tester games

and Linux

are civilization In the humble civilization bundle by III to beyond Earth . Civilization III and IV are not everyone else already for Linux available. Thus the stage is eliminated for Linux users, but at least a $. There are versions with Linux support from about nine dollars or you can jump to at least $ 15 and get everything.

Humble Civilization Bundle

humble civilization bundle

InXile developed at a VR title of himself the Mage’s tale called. He plays in the universe of the Bard’s tale . You are so right in a Dugeon crawler. Funny looks and the concept is already exciting. But enough gelabert! 🙂 – Here there are a few impressions:

SuperTuxKart would like to be listed on steam and currently gathers votes in Greenlight . With your voice, you can help the game. It will be as usual available Mac OS and Windows for Linux.

dungeons 3 will come in for Linux. It has Kalypso media announced . Dungeon 3 is bigger, better, more extensive, and very much better performance according to its own figures. The Dungeon series is expressly based on Dungeon Keeper. Such games like who, the forward now to autumn 2007, when dungeons 3 will see the light of day. Can the wait too long who, with was for the Overworld stay afloat.

short note

the first SHA-1 collision was found. Interesting post by Google. In principle, it means the end of SHA-1. Two different PDF documents with the same hash could be created. Users should upgrade as soon as possible on more secure encryption technologies such as SHA-256 or SHA-3, if SHA-1 still in use. Mozilla the end was started already by 2015 of SHA-1 in Firefox .

SHA-1 Collision (Quelle: googleblog.com)

SHA-1 collision (source: googleblog.com)

Linux from scratch (LFS) 8.0 is available. More specifically, there are four different versions. LFS 8.0, 8.0 (systemd) LFS, BLFS 8.0 and BLFS 8.0 (systemd). Linux from scratch is no distribution in the classical sense. It is a guide how you can create your own distribution step by step. Links to relevant documents you will find in the official announcement or (LFS 8.0 – HTML , 8.0 – PDF , 8.0 systemd – HTML , 8.0 systemd – PDF , BLFS 8.0 – HTML , 8.0 systemd – HTML . [])

a first release candidate of kodi 17.1 krypton is finished. There’s a chorus according to notice among other improvements to the new default themes estuary and Estouchy, as well as an update to the Web interface. Who would like to see kodi 17 in action, which can do so easily via LibreELEC 8.0 .

so ReactOS 0.5 will look like:

a laugh at the end: Finally, a proof that Apple Samsung copied – the iPhone 7 starts to burn on the headlines register 🙂

Nice PI-constellation

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