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several ways to customize your smartphone or Tablet Android, the more technical through the installation of a custom to the most basic Rom via the download of an alternative launcher or a topic on the Google Store.  For those seeking a compromise between the two, there are also the Xposed modules offering a bunch of new features as well as a lot of customization tools. Here is our selection of the best of them.


out of standby your smartphone by double tap on the screen, change the position of the clock or the battery icon, simulate a geographic position or deceive an application on the private data on your smartphone or tablet. These are some of the rich and varied features that can offer Xposed, without necessarily having to completely change the system , for example by installing a Custom Rom.

The Xposed framework and its modules, what is?

Created by the rovo89 of the forum XDA developer, Framework Xposed is a Swiss army knife for your Android device. To make simple and short, Xposed is a ‘Framework’, which may be translated into french by ‘software structure’, which hosts different modules to add additional features on your smartphone.

The Xposed Installer application is the basis for the Xposed modules which are available in the form of apks to download who are themselves created and by a variety of developers.

It is from the latter that you can install, uninstall, activate or deactivate your modules (Modules tab) but also to update or uninstall (tab Framework) Framework. A simple reboot between different changes just so that these are taken into account.

A downloads section is also part, gives you access to a repository of modules (but not all). Many are directly downloadable from the Google Play Store as well on the official website and our Forum . Xposed can run without root, but the majority of the modules requires. To take full advantage of all its benefits, we recommend you to have done it at the root your Android device .

How to install the Framework Xposed

warning: it is strongly recommended to do a full backup of your system and your data. Indeed, even if the operations described below do not present a major risk to your Android device, it is still safer to have a copy in case where. A Nandroid Backup is without doubt the best solution.

The requirements

  • have allowed installation from unknown sources: go to Settings menu > staff > security of your smartphone and check “unknown Sources”.

  • Installing a recovery custom

  • have rooted your Android device

to find a compatible with your device and rooter custom recovery, we advise you to go for a ride our Forum . There are chances that you find appropriate tutorials for the model of your smartphone.

Under Android 4.0.3 to 4.4.4

installation method is simpler than on later versions since it consists of install the APK file then open the Xposed Installer application. You just have to install the modules of your choice and begin to taste the experience Xposed. Always check the compatibility of the modules with your Android version before installing.

5.0 and 6.0 Android

must in the first place knowing what is the architecture of the processor presents on your Android (arm, arm64 or x 86) by installing the Hardware Info on the Store application. The information that interests us should be found in the section “Procesor.

, Flash via a custom recovery Framework Xposed .zip file corresponding to the architecture of the processor and Android version of your smartphone. You can download it below:

21 SDK for Android Lollipop 5.0 devices

22 SDK for Android 5.1 Lollipop devices

23 SDK for Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices

1. Copy / paste the ZIP file of the Framework that you downloaded in the internal memory or external of your phone without unpack it.

2. phone off, reboot into recovery mode

3. In the menu that appears, press “Install”. Here, just you more to choose the file ZIP of the Framework and Flash by dragging from the left to the right “Swipe to Confirm Flash”.

installation TWRP Samsung galaxy s6 edge

4. When the flash is complete, go to “Reboot System Now” to reboot your device.

5. Once this is done, download and install the file APK Xposed application install .

6. open here and go to part “Modules”.

at this stage, none should be present. Fortunately, we have created a top of the best ones you can now begin to download and install.

The best modules Xposed

Gravity Box

Gravity Box is an incredibly comprehensive tool to customize and improve the Android user interface. This module allows you to add additional features to your keys like the dual pressure of the volume keys to switch from a piece of music to another on your Media Player for example. You can also change everything related to the visual appearance of your smartphone (clock, network, battery… icon) through the configuration of notifications (notification by application, sounds, vibrations LED) and much other possibilities.

Download Gravity Box for Android Kitkat

download Gravity Box for Android Lollipop

download Gravity Box for Android Marshmallow


for those anxious to keep a minimum private data that can still be XPrivacy is a Xposed module which prevents the applications to have access to your confidential data.

XPrivacy is able to restrict the categories of data that your applications can access. The principle is this: Xprivacy sends false information such as your geographic location and can also make them think that your contacts list is empty. Many other options are also available via this module, as let you them discover it for yourself.

download XPrivacy

N – ify Android

this is a module for those who have an Android device running Android Lollipop and Marshmallow who will receive the update Android or for those who are impatient to receive it. N – ify Android gives you the opportunity to meet several exclusive features of Android 7.0 Nougat. Among these, we find the new notification system and the quick settings, but also the very handy Quick Switch that allows to go directly to the application which it had previously opened by double clicking on the button of the recent applications.

Download Android N – ify


some of your Android applications allow themselves a lot of freedom without your knowledge by engaging in the background at the start of your smartphone. In the image of what offers the Windows Task Manager, BootManager is a module that allows you to choose those that may or may not begin at the start of your Android device. By disabling them, in addition to save time, you make your smartphone more responsive and so faster in the performance of its tasks.

download BootManager

Awesome Pop up Video

Awesome Pop up Video is a really cool module which allows you to watch a video in a small window pop up and This in any application that is already open. The application has its own gallery of suggested videos, but it also works with other video players including the official YouTube app. Simply open your video and then press the “Share” button and choose Awesome Pop up Video from the list. Here, you can continue to watch your video while consulting your SMS!

download Awesome Pop up Video

WhatsApp Extensions

WhatsApp Extensions is a Xposed module which adds additional features to the standard application of WhatsApp. You can for example to hide the acknowledgements, as well as the delivery reports, zoom profile pictures, or even add a wallpaper customized to each contact. Also note that it is not necessary to reinstall the module after each new update of your WhatsApps application so that the features remain active.

download WhatApp Extension

YouTube Background Playback

as the name implies, this module allows you to read your Youtube videos in the background on your smartphone or Android tablet. Convenient for those who do not have a lot of space on their device to store their favorite songs. Another advantage once the module installed and active, you will gain in autonomy because it is functional even with the display in standby.

Download Youtube Background Playback

Amplify – Battery Extender

is probably one of the most downloaded and used and for good reason, Amplify a battery saver that takes over control and set the frequency to which the process of your device and out of Eve. So, these are many minutes of autonomy that are won. Note that the basic version does not allow to configure alarms and wakelock, also, to enjoy all of its features, Amplify offers a version Pro available directly In App purchase.

download Amplify Battery Extender

of course there are many others and it is a non-exhaustive list. For information, Xposed is not yet available for Android Nougat, however, its rovo89 developer is working hard. Feel free to share in the comments of the modules you use, or whether or not those we presented could you give to try Xposed.

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