Wireless charging: has a future in the world of smartphones?

the latest rumors suggest that Apple will integrate charging wireless with iPhone 8. It was even said that Apple would be combined with a development partner. Is the era of wireless charging talking start? The doubts are justified.

for the generation of the anniversary of the iPhone, Apple provides, among other things, Wireless charging. Analysts and supply chain experts came to this conclusion. However, rumours also indicate that Apple does not offer this feature with the smartphone, because the necessary charging station would not be included: it should be purchased separately as an additional accessory. Therefore, the Wireless Charging would not replace the Lightning charging interface.

Although on many occasions Apple brought in new ways to the industry, it seems that in this case, the history will not be repeated. Given that this accessory will be expensive, as usual with Apple, this should not popularize this technology.

The account Twitter of Jony Ive said humorously:

A medium term, Apple may attempt to establish charging wireless as a standard and thus put an end to the last physical interface. However, to get there, it took still more daring to remove the headphones connector.

Wireless charging: in theory, is the top…

Wireless charging has a turbulent history. On the one hand, it seems tempting that a phone can recharge itself virtually alone by placing it on a base. I must confess that for awhile, I preferred to use this form of charging to any other, as well with my old LG G3 than with my current Galaxy S7. The era of the micro USB cable, I seemed to be an advantage of not having to fight to find the right position of the cable when you connect it. Because I usually charge my phone at night, he cared little loading speed was slower.

ANDROIDPIT qi laden nachruesten 2
compatibility with Wireless charging can be added. But for what purpose? © ANDROIDPIT

… in practice a failure

However, I gave up the refill wireless with my Galaxy S7, I use the micro USB cable. This is mainly due to two reasons: more than once I realized that the smartphone had lost the connection with the basis of charging at night, so that in the morning, the phone was loaded in 5%, instead of 90 or 100%. And sometimes, the charge current was apparently not high enough to load the S7 beyond 60%. Certainly, the problem may come from my charging base, which is not the original, Samsung, but nevertheless, there must not be many differences with the rest of the devices in the industry.

Ultimately the cable became the best choice to load my smartphone, because it is more reliable. At present, the smartphone must be positioned accurately on the charging base, which severely limits its usefulness.

Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge

for me, the quick charge is more important than the Wireless charging.

What do you think?

If Apple wants the Wireless charging become a global trend, the group must develop a more robust charging platform.

For some time now, some manufacturers have removed the functions of Qi, as Google with the Nexus 5 X / 6 p. With USB – C, we are less reluctant to use a charging cable, especially because qa cause (or maybe grace?) to the quick charge. In addition, in the segment high-end, the use of aluminum in manufacturing has become commonplace, and this material makes it impossible classic Wireless charging. There are technical solutions to these problems, but so far, they have found place in any smartphone. In many cases, 2017 phones won’t potential of wireless charging. Samsung will perhaps stand on habits and possibly kept it in the Galaxy S8.

Is Wireless charging important for you? Let know us in the comments.

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