Why choose an Android smartphone rather than an iPhone in 2017: here's 7 reasons!

Choose between an iPhone and an Android smartphone is the big question when it comes to make my purchase. I must say that smartphones are more expensive and that such a purchase involves a careful consideration. As we’re really nice, brought together you 12 reasons to choose an Android smartphone rather than an iPhone. After that, you’ll wonder how you did to ask you the question.


if the iPhone is the first smartphone as we know it today, it is now facing many competitors under Android. And despite my phenomenal success, the iPhone is now outclassed by some of my rivals. And on the software side, it must be acknowledged that Android has largely caught up with its delay on iOS, delay accumulated during the first years of the iPhone. Now, Android has significant assets in the face of iOS , assets that will probably tip the scales in the decision to purchase.

1 – Android: smartphones at all prices

the number one criteria when we want to buy a phone, it is certainly what you want to. Set a maximum budget will allow you to make a first selection and make your choice easier. If we take a budget of less than 300 euros for a smartphone new, naked, without commitment, you struggle to find your happiness at Apple, unless you want a model over two years that is already exceeded by competitors.

honor 8 android nougat

the choice is not made in the shapes and colors. There are smartphones to entry-level, of middle and high-end that will meet your needs and to your budget . Depending on the amount you want to put there, each manufacturer will offer a model corresponds to your desires.

If the iOS platform is very accessible, it is not the same for what is the price of an iPhone, exclusively high-end and so not so public that . Moreover, the rise of Chinese smartphones, with the incomparable value for money models going to convince you. Power to obtain models at the cutting edge of technology for half the price of an iPhone, it has no price. Ah if in fact.

2 – a wide choice of models

when you want to buy a phone, you have to make a choice among a wide range of manufacturers and models . Some pesteront against this abundance of choices that can lead to confusion among the models, but let us not lie, having the choice is nice.

Where at Apple you are not restricted to the old or the new iPhone, Android offers you a wide range of possibilities. Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, or OnePlus and Honor to name a few, are manufacturers offering different Android smartphones.

ventes smartphones france

some brands like Motorola offer even to totally customize your smartphone. The motorcycle Maker service allows to choose the material of the shell, its color, and the color of the details at the front of the smartphone (borders, buttons etc.).

There is not a week where a new model is not announced, offering an interesting sheet at low prices. The diversity is incredible: you’re looking for a small or a big screen, a stylus, or a dual-sim model, you will find your happiness. So yes, you may put a little more time to choose, but you’ll have ultimately a model that you will match and will respond perfectly to your expectations.

3 – Google services fully integrated

Google with not only Android in my pocket, all the Mountain View giant services are perfectly integrated terminals equipped with its mobile OS, which makes their use more simple. All of Google’s online services will follow you everywhere and you can access it easily from your Android phone. Gmail via Google Maps or Google Docs and Google Search.

google maps

it’s nice to have all these Google services you use at home on my phone. At the time where Apple is trying to reduce its reliance on the Google services on iOS, choose an Android smartphone is to ensure Google services.

4 – you are a player? There are joysticks for it!

Although several games controllers work with iOS, the choice is once again in favour of Android. There are more the gamepads and joysticks to the different forms and intelligent . They are more or less successful, but many have been proven.

If you are rather classic, be aware that it is possible to use Remote Play PS4 or Xbox One to your mobile or Tablet for the best gaming experience possible. This is especially useful for games to the first person or even the racing games, among others. A connection via Bluetooth is often sufficient for enjoy the different levers of games .

5 – vive customization!

It is undeniably one of the great strengths of Android, the customization of the system in detail . Where Apple wants to keep control over the user experience, Google gives you the ability to customize its system in a very simple way or putting a bit more hands dirty according to your wishes. Customize her phone past both by the wallpapers as your keyboard customization or installation of Roma Customs (custom).

Android Wallpaper

sounds accessory, but the wallpapers animated really make a difference to the extent they make living your smartphone. Far from the simple lines that are moving or falling leaves, some wallpapers are real interactive whiteboards.

There are really for everyone, so that your mobile is really in your image. iOS is still in the stone age to this level, despite a 3D effect using the gyroscope in iOS. And if a wallpaper that moves is not essential, it is also for this kind of details we love Android.

The launchers custom

launcher 8

the launchers are a new step in the customization of your smartphone. They allow you to change the appearance of your Android smartphone with an “overlay” in the manner of the builders (TouchWiz, Sense, etc.) that alter the basic version of Android to add their interface. You can find many launchers on Google Play . Whether free or paid, they download as an application and settle in a few seconds.

Install a launcher on your smartphone when your tablet is safe and you can dramatically change the interface, in the form of icons or colors for example. It is a great way to go further than the simple wallpapers and widgets without having to do too much manipulation. Something more bringing iOS iPhone for a brick and demonstrates the superiority of Android over iOS.

Best Android Launchers: our selection 2017

Roma Custom, to go even further in the customization

we are taking an additional step in the customization by replacing the stock ROM to Android (the one you find on the Nexus devices for example).

Meilleur ROM

Roma custom (more commonly referred to as Roma Customs) are a great way to install the latest versions of the OS on smartphones and tablets aging so give them a second life! This method is often used by owners of mobile when the manufacturer of the product no longer provides updates of the ‘old’ terminal (usually two years).

The Roma Customs also offer access to some tools and offers better performance that versions of the manufacturers. With these ROMs, one achieves the highest level of customization. This kind of exercise requires a little workout and help you can find our Android forum on , -rich tutorials and Roma Customs .

6 – multitasking, real

one of the riches of Android is without a doubt the treatment of the multitasking. Although iOS improved on this point, the Google system is always more efficient. Firstly because it incorporates more in-depth third-party applications.

For example, you can share content across virtually all of your applications. You can send an image with a mail application different from Gmail for example. On iOS, we can share in priority with the services of Apple.

plus contenu smartphones plus grands

it’s a flaw that even users of iOS are pointing the finger. Always have to switch from one application to the other so that everything could be done from a single and same interface is a bit tedious.

Furthermore some Android smartphones facilitate more multitasking because they integrate the multi-window. iOS allows also since iOS 9 using this feature but only on my iPad. On Android, some smartphones are quite capable, as the Note of Samsung Galaxy for example. Use two applications simultaneously on a single screen offers real comfort.

7 – Google Wizard: the perfect companion

is not here to say that Google Wizard is better than Siri. Everyone will have my preference for my assistant staff. Nevertheless, we are convinced that Google Assistant is integrated with more depth to Android that’s Siri in iOS.

Now, the wizard is able to suggest things before you think. This is the real revolution of Android Nougat.


according to you why a smartphone android is better than an iPhone?

Throughout this issue, we discussed the reasons why we recommend buying an Android phone instead of an iPhone. You will be surely more sensitive to some of the arguments than others, but everything is just a matter of taste.

This folder is not exhaustive and you surely have different opinions on several points or personal reflections to make, so go ahead! Regardless of your opinion on the matter or if you want to address points that would have been forgotten in this matter, do not hesitate to complete with your comments and feedback .

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