Why benchmarks, finally, who cares

each output of smartphone is the same thing. Each year we have right to the game who will be the biggest. Often, before even that smartphones are officially unveiled, benchmarks already appear here and there on the Web.

benchmarks smartphone

who will be able to tame the best cry last processor of any particular manufacturer? How much RAM are needed to have the best of the best? On Antutu such smartphone made such score while the other has done less. And blablabla and blablabla. benchmarks are a good indicator of power , but in the end, who cares right? Here’s why we should not attach too much importance to the benchmarks.

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The benchmarks are sometimes distorted

away from us the idea to shout to the conspiracy theory but we must admit that the benchmarks are not always safe. Companies that develop these applications sometimes finance themselves as best they can and it is not uncommon to see brands propose a small arrangement to include their smartphones in mind of scores even though, technically, they are not better.

Snapdragon 830

the other important point is that during the analysis performance, the processor is often put to the test to push at the end of its limits. The benchmarks are often published under optimal conditions , on raw performance. The smartphone has never served in daily use. For a model marketed, used every day, the results are often different.

And what about manufacturers who cheat? For example, OnePlus and Meizu did not hesitate to cheat by implementing mechanisms on processors that boost the CPU when benchmark applications are launched. For once, we’re completely on bogus results.

On Android, benchmarks vary according to the ROM that you install

one tends to forget, but one of the strengths of Android is that you can install the ROM you want . And who says said ROM performance that differ. Because between a smartphone equipped with a pure Android version for example and a model with a wrapper ultra-lourde, performance will greatly differ.

In the same way your habits, the number of installed applications, internal memory used, the level of autonomy etc. will affect some benchmarks. So Please keep my distance compared which are only indicators finally.

iphone 6s benchmark

does we really need all that power?

Compare the benchmarks that’s good, but what’s the point exactly? Finally, nothing. Because once the results what to do? Not much actually. In fact the benchmarks are good tools for us testers, who need to check feelings during a test of a product.

For example, if we find such and such a product a little slow, we will check all this with the various applications of benchmarks to confirm or deny our impressions. But apart from that, for the user there is little to pull benchmarks .

As clearly today, most smartphones on the market correspond to the needs of 99% of users. There is no need to have the most powerful smartphone market to enjoy it. What is the difference between the power of a Galaxy S7 and a OnePlus 3 or an 8 Honor ? On the benchmarks, the difference is important, Yes, but in terms of use where is the difference?

nexus benchmarks a Nexus 5 with pure Android is still an excellent smartphone

what counts above all is the user experience, for some design, for others the quality of the camera, for others still independence or the quality of the screen. The benchmarks is the game that will have the biggest, for justify exorbitant prices in passing.

Because finally, in terms of power one smartphone with a processor of 2014 is largely sufficient for the majority of users. First and foremost what target my needs and choose a smartphone as a result. Benchmarks, finally, who cares.

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