Why Android requires 2 times more RAM than iOS?

If the latest high-end Android are bidding up to 6 GB of RAM, the iPhone 7 more merely 3 GB and it’s the smartphone 2016 the most powerful of the market according to AnTuTu. Given this situation, we often tend to believe that the Apple OS is better optimized than Google but is that really the case? Our colleagues Android Authority-Americans reflected on the issue and deliver us to the interesting explanations.

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RAM Android vs iOS, it’s all in the management!

If the comparison can surprise, the trend is not really new, Android has always offered two times more RAM than iOS. When the iPhone 5 S proposed only 1 GB of RAM, the Galaxy S4 proposed 2 and this is still the case today. The Galaxy S7 offers twice the RAM as the powerful iPhone 7 and the OnePlus 3 T and other Chinese high-end smartphones recent offer a two times higher than the iPhone RAM amount 7 more.

We often put this difference between the two bones on the account of Java. Because Android Java, would need twice the RAM to provide a user experience similar to iOS but is really the only reason? On each OS, part of the RAM is reserved for the system and other applications. The unused portion is free memory.

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the OS then’s mission is to manage all. On a good OS, it theoretically shouldn’t remain free RAM, but simply of the available RAM to be reallocated from one task to another.

Basically, Android uses really more RAM than iOS? After a simultaneous restart, a Nexus 5 X and a iPhone 7 respectively offer 840 and 730 MB of available RAM, which would rather suggest not.

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Android vs iPhone, different needs in RAM applications?

Our colleagues of Android Authority have indulged in a little experiment that shows that upon turning an application on an iPhone and on a competing smartphone running Google’s OS at the same time, we see quickly that in most cases, the amount of RAM used is up to two times higher on Android.

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it’s also obvious on YouTube but also other applications like Microsoft Word and Crossy Road even if in this last example, the difference is smaller. Some applications are also the exception like Star Wars: Force Arena or Facebook where consumption of RAM is equivalent of a bone to the other.

Note that on each of the two bones, the amount of RAM used by each application tested here than ever 400 MB. The fact is that this comparison could partially explain the gargantuan RAM quantity suggested by some Android but again, this is probably not the only factor and could also seek the cause in the system even.

Android vs iOS, a much different management of the multitasking

and if this difference in RAM is explained by the very functioning system and more precisely in its ability to handle different tasks. Each of the two bones offers a multitasking, it is possible to open an application, then another and so on and then come back on a previously open application. Applications in the background are obviously treated differently from those who are in the foreground.

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but what happens there when the number of applications exceeds the 700 or 800 MB of RAM available at startup. On a PC, it is sufficient that the system performs a swap by allocating a part of the HDD to the memory sharp, something which is not possible by default on mobile because the flash memory write speeds are too slow.

The two bones will then use a compression system, running applications will use less RAM, thus increasing the available RAM. When the system cannot free enough RAM memory, the application may also be closed, reason for which on some speed tests , there are some apps in the background takes longer to restart. They nevertheless resumes in the State in which they had been left.

At this level, iOS proceeds in the same way as my rival, with one difference. The compression of the Apple OS system is able to reduce the occupied part of the RAM really drastically, it thus goes from 300 MB to 10 MB without ever being closed, reason why the app restarts faster.

As you guessed, iOS uses not less RAM than my rival but it seems to offer better management of multitasking and it seems it is for this reason that 2 GB of RAM are enough for her widely there where Android has need 4 or 6 GB .

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