When the Google Home to Super Bowl ad reveals one of its flaws

on the night of Sunday to Monday stood across the Atlantic the most important sports event in the United States, the Super Bowl final. As always, it’s the most watched event by Americans on television. On this occasion, so Google aired a commercial for my assistant virtual Google Home. But here, the pub has resulted in activation of many Google Home viewers.

one of the bugs of Google Home highlighted

advertising for Google Home was supposed to highlight the virtual assistant of Google. The announcement shows families loving and happy using the speaker smart to listen to music and manage the lighting of the House. But she has also managed to trigger Google Home in the real world, thus surprising the unit owners.

several owners have indeed told on social networks that, when the advertisement was aired and has staged a players say “Ok Google”, their Google Home are enabled. These users then had no other recourse but to let speak their Google Home since the virtual assistant offers no option to set a sentence of different activation. All orders requested by the pub (“OK Google, turn on the light”, “OK Google, what’s the weather like?”, “OK Google, put some music”) were executed. 

a similar mishap for Amazon Echo

is not the first time that virtual assistants revved up because of television. It had happened in the same situation for Amazon Echo effect, the virtual assistant from Amazon. The presenter of a television journal of the local chain of San Diego, California CW6 which told of how a child had used the virtual assistant of my parents to order a doll’s House had had the misfortune to say “I love the little girl who said: Alexa ordered me a doll’s House”. Echoes owners who were in front of their television immediately saw their devices order dollhouses.

All these stories, funny at the time, however highlight one major drawback to these devices, their activation. Apple partially fixed the problem with Siri by asking when its setting the user to speak several phrases in order to trigger to phrases of its user.

Do you use the virtual assistant of your smartphone?

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