WhatsApp: two-step verification available, how to activate it and secure your account

to monopolize a WhatsApp account is not so complicated: just find the email and password of the account you want to fly, as everywhere elsewhere on the internet. To avoid this, the WhatsApp team has finally updated its mobile application in order to set up a two-step verification: this is how and why to configure.

whatsapp sécurité

On the internet and on our mobile apps, we tend to post a lot of our private information and trust the developers for the security of our information. But there is a loophole impossible to correct by them: the weakness of the passwords of their users.

That’s still where everything starts, but it seems that few are likely to make their IDs complex based on top of the worst passwords used on the internet . Developers have then found a way around this weakness: Add an extra step of identification.

WhatsApp adds verification two-step

WhatsApp is part of the last to add this feature on the public version of its application, after a short beta period. The principle of operation of this new feature available on the last version of WhatsApp current deployment is very simple: you can now set a PIN code 6 digit bonus of your regular password.

When you connect to your account on a new device, this PIN will be then claimed. In fact, if a bad guy was trying to connect to your count after learning your password (it happens), she would be blocked by this PIN.

It is good to see that despite its recent logical developments, as the addition of video calls for all , the developer don’t forget to to strengthen its security in a context where the fear of its private data end up on the internet and more and more present in the collective unconscious.

How to enable the audit two steps of WhatsApp

Attention, before enabling the feature, make sure that your email address is well configured on your account and it is always active. The reason is this: If you’re wrong, you can never recover your account after you have configured the two-step verification.

The goal is not to prevent you even use WhatsApp, but to avoid that other people see your private data , better check. Everything is for the best? Perfect! Remains only to:

  • open WhatsApp

  • press the three points at the top right

  • go into settings

  • choose my account

  • click on “Two-step Verification”

  • turn on checking

when you click on ‘activate’, the application will then prompt you for the famous 6-digit PIN code. Once this is done, everything is good: you are now more protected!

Note that this PIN will be required when a new connection to a device, but also periodically when you use the application to verify your identity. This regular review is not deactivated without removing the entire feature, but it’s small price to pay for safety.

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