What is hidden behind the new update of Pokémon GO?

contrary to what may believe some, Pokémon GO is neither dead nor buried alive. Certainly, the popularity of the game has declined and the number of players has decreased, but many people continue to walk the streets to hunt the Pokémon. A new update for the game coming, but what does it really mean?

this is already long months that Pokémon GO came out. He quickly met with success before being all too quickly decried as a result of various incidents, but during long weeks euphoria Pokémon GO continued to animate the world of smartphones. 6 months ago, I had a few reservations about this game and I explained in an article how he reflects our society , while some of my colleagues were interested rather in the game mechanics to explain all the strings and work around issues . Whatever it is, water has flowed under the bridge and Pokémon GO has seen its number of users drop: Pokémon GO fever dissipated.

Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon GO, clearly showed the importance he gives to the community. Of course, it is in its own interest because the number of users directly influences the income. He therefore made efforts so that users log on a regular basis and for this, nothing better than special occasions? Valentine is a good example because you could earn twice as much candy. It’s sort of the concept of the “Happy Hour” in bars, and everyone is benefiting. Nothing wrong with that.

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today, many people hunt Pokémon. © AndroidPIT

now, Niantic offers not less than 80 new Pokémon and a big teaser on “improving the mechanics of encounter and capture”. We don’t know exactly what it is, apparently it is a system of player vs. player confrontation and a trading system. Whatever it is, it looks good. If it is obvious that Niantic must entertain its users, we can ask ourselves some questions. The decline in the number of users is for something in this decision? Probably. What is this update aims to fun current users or attract new? Probably both.

Is not this update that will make me play Pokémon GO!

What do you think?

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the success of Pokémon GO is due to two factors: the use of the augmented reality and the nostalgia of the generation Pokémon. Today, it would be wise to dig both of these in order to optimize the results: by adding some new Pokemon (of the 2nd generation) Niantic is so fun to its current users and, especially, can use this argument to attract others. This is called the “reactivation”, classic games: when a user ceases to be active, the company does everything to get him back in the game. Where the newsletter does generally not very convincing results, the emotion (in our case the Pokémon) can be much more convincing.

to conclude, the updates of Niantic (and generally a large number of updates) are not really designed to make happy users, but also to attract new / bring back those who have left. This isn’t a complaint, the goal of any game is to increase the number of users in order to optimize revenues.

What is this update makes you want to (re) play Pokémon GO?

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