What is expected of a smartphone in 2017

mobile telephony market has accelerated strongly in recent years but it is clear that before the progress of manufacturers users have started to get a little tired. Proof is in France since for the first time sales have fallen. They amounted to 20.2 million units, for a historical decline of 6%. However, that we cannot wish technologies and features that I feel now as practical and useful for our smartphones. 

a Type USB – C

appeared on many smartphones last year, the C Type USB plug has become for me a necessary thing. Its practical aspect is with the best features of this new standard since the plug is reversible. This avoids mistaken meaning when we recharge my mobile. Another advantage, the sound can also pass through this type of decision, it is for example the case of the Lenovo bike Z using headphones with a USB of this type. The next generation of HDMI will also be Type-C. Finally, the US Type-C allows a flow of passing more important data and transfer to 1.2 GB/s, compared to 60 MB/s with USB 2.0. 

The good news is that all smartphones announced since the beginning of the year to offer this type of decision-making, including those more affordable as the Honor 6 X . I bet those unveiled then the next MWC 2017 follow this trend.

AndroidPIT honor 6X 3007
the Honor 6 X, is available at the price of 249 euro, offers a grip UBS of Type-C. © AndroidPIT

the quick load

the fast charge is closely related to the C Type USB plug. Data transfer that may be more important, recharge can be done even faster (provided of course to have a chip capable of supporting this current USB 3.1).

That being said, the current quick charge (with the traditional USB mini harvest) is already very nice and be able to recharge my phone to consistently in 30 minutes is a definite and can be of great assistance to reboost its terminal before leaving in the evening. 

Dual-SIM 4 G (and microSD)

there are many users looking for a smartphone capable of hosting two SIM cards. Unfortunately, so far, this dual-SIM compatibility is not available on all smartphones. And when some models offer it, she is not fully operational as only one of the SIM cards may agree to be connected in 3 or 4G, the other to settle for 2G.

androidpit sony xperia x back1
the Sony Xperia X boasts a dual-SIM version. © AndroidPIT

Furthermore, manufacturers could also offer more models that allow to have a dual-SIM but also a microSD. But the constraints (technical, design…)  There are more I guess.

A reader of fingerprints

difficult now to skip on this technology, especially when one has already tasted. Manufacturers have also improved their technology last year and utilization is now very nice. In addition to unlock its smartphone in an instant, many smartphones offer additional features related to the fingerprint reader. The popularity of this feature on entry-level phones is reflected its democratization and the interest of the users. 

AndroidPIT Honor 8 2623
it is located on the front or the back (like here on the 8 Honor), the fingerprint reader is practical on a daily basis. © AndroidPIT


there are still few models that offer resistance to water and dust. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are the most popular smartphones to offer an IP68 certification.  Even if this resistance does not aim to transform the terminal one for divers, it helps protect the phone against the vagaries of life and worries of everyday life. You can do the dishes or ask my phone on the table with no risk. 

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Opinion 2082
the S7 is one of few popular benefit IP68 certification Android smartphones. © ANDROIDPIT

what features do you like Basic for a smartphone in 2017?

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