What fly has stung Nokia want to resurrect the 3310?

the resurrection of the Nokia 3310 is far from unanimous. Many people do not understand the strategy of HMD, others see it as an original idea, others still just laughing… I asked myself the question: what type of clientele is it?

why does Nokia have (re) made a 3310?

This phone is the symbol of an era, and it is also quite well known among the younger generation for this. If for one reason or another you have never heard of the Nokia 3310, note that this is a Hynek (not smart smartphone) extremely popular. You want specific numbers? No less than 126 3310 million had been sold in September 2000, during its launch.

In a MWC17 where the 5G connection, double devices photos and many strange names to whisper in the halls, we can ask ourselves what is the point to resurrect this legend of the past. What makes Nokia, somehow, is a journey in time. Nostalgia being fashionable, bingo, the right device at the right time.

AndroidPIT NOKIA 3310 6063
a design more end but is in tune with the times? © AndroidPIT

of course, the “presmartphonique” of the snake game (also known by its English name, Snake), has not been forgotten. Who has ever played it? We have all tried to beat the records held by our friends. 

Clearly, Nokia seems to have had a good idea by exploiting nostalgia for the past. Is – this truly original? We see a return to the 80/90s, many movies and series return to the taste of the day. Same Niantic/Nintendo exploit nostalgia with Pokémon GO.

AndroidPIT NOKIA 3310 6075
taking mini-jack will soon become retro, too? © AndroidPIT

Top or flop?

As explained previously, the device is addressed primarily to those nostalgic for the original Nokia 3310, it is obvious. But what is it exactly? A screen of 2.4 inches with QVGA definition (and besides it’s not tactile, heresy for youth), camera 2 megapixels and, against all odds, a microSD memory card slot internal 16 GB. The battery? 

The Nokia 3310 belongs to the past, there was no need to resurrect

what do you think?

A rechargeable 1200 mAh battery with microUSB. It’s ridiculous, you say? Remember that the screen is tiny, so in terms of autonomy, the phone has rather good potential: a 30aine of days standby and 22 hours in communication. That said, you will not do everything you can do with a smartphone…

Are you still interested? A few last details to clarify: it doesn’t seem to be as strong as my ancestor, and the choice of colors shows that it caters to a different clientele than that of smartphones. If the blue and black is enough happening everywhere and gray is acceptable, the orange and yellow especially are very fancy. 

Last detail, the price. How much is this phone? 49 euros. 

Then, interested? 

Article inspired by my colleague Isabel Valencia, editor on AndroidPIT Spanish.

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