Ubuntu 16.04.2 is there, schedule for the #PiParty and 50 per cent discount on Hitman for Linux [Full Guide]

  • after some delay is Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS released Xenial Xerus

  • Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 for Rasperry pi 2/3 is also because

  • Vivaldi 1.8.755.3 heralds new development cycle

  • ReactOS can print

  • Mozilla Thunderbird is back in Debian GNU/Linux

  • 50 percent discount on Hitman for Linux

Ubutnu 16.04.2

is published with some delay, it has Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Xenial Xerus done now but the light of day. The updated version is available for desktop, server, cloud products and derivatives. As usual, brings a new stack of hardware with an update, supporting newer hardware.

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Xenial Xerus wird bis 2021 unterstützt

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Xenial Xerus is until 2021 supported

who has already installed 16.04 LTS and always nice to shut its updates Ubuntu, which must of course not reinstall. For new installations of Ubuntu 16.04.2 the updated images are already, because you have to tighten considerably fewer updates from the Internet. Who must reinstall many computers, frequently puts on my computer or experimented much with virtual machines and Ubuntu – there worth a download from Ubuntu 16.04.2 sure.

the versions of desktop, server, core and Kylin are supported in total for five years – so until 2021. All other three years – 2019. You can find more information in the release notes .

are the release notes of descendants of the updated:

Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 LTS Xenial Xerus for raspberry pi 2 and 3

for raspberry PI 3 and 2 are there is also an updated version of Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus . Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 for raspberry is based on Ubuntu armhf and not snappy PI 3. Currently, there is not a compatibility to snap. This only applies to the version for the RasPi. The developers hope to offer up Ubuntu 17.04. By default, Ubuntu MATE 16.04 supports the Wi-Fi card built into the PI 3 and Bluetooth. Hardware acceleration of VLC is also given. The developers for a bet, at least a class 6 microSD recommend a class of 10 would be better. How you can install Ubuntu MATE on a raspberry PI 3, click here .

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS auf einem Raspberry Pi

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS on a raspberry PI

Vivaldi 1.8.755.3

Vivaldi 1.8.755.3 is the first development version of the 1.8 series. Now, you can easily create notes by you simply highlight text and then just put in the notes. Continue to the Stummschalte functionality is further improved. For example, you can set that only the active tab should play music.

Musik nur in aktiven Tabs abspielen

play music only in Active tabs

you will find all further information in the official announcement . You can download the latest version here:

Mozilla Thunderbird is back in Debian GNU/Linux

history in Debian GNU/Linux is

icedove – long live Thunderbird. The Debian developers have opted again for Thunderbird icedove instead of in . Actually, it was always the same in green, but in 2006, there were problems with the logos (brand protection) and that’s what was called the fork in life.

also the corresponding packages are appropriately modified. Was so lightning from the iceowl-extension back .

folder of the user profile contained $HOME/.icedove so far and for Thunderbird, this is of course $HOME/.thunderbird. The wrapper scripts / usr/bin/thunderbird caters to developers that chews. You should have a backup of the folder just in case ~/.icedove and ~/.config/mimeapps.list file should be backed up if any.

at the moment, the developers are looking more testers.

new ISO images for DME 2 Betsy this week

Linux Mint blog you can find , that there should be Betsy in the coming week-new ISO images for Linux Mint Debian Edition 2.

as the developers continue to work to improve the cinnamon spices and to make it compatible with the APIs from Google, Facebook or GitHUB. The whole section should be placed on front man.

Bluetooth in Linux Mint will remain 18.2 better. File transfers via OBEX should work without any further action. This should facilitate this kind of transfer between device X and Linux Mint. As well, there is a way to change the Bluetooth host name for the computer via GUI. There is a cinnamon applet that applet is similar to other status. The developers have released screenshots.

Blueberry in Linux Mint 18.2 (Quelle: linuxmint.com)

Blueberry in Linux Mint 18.2 (source: linuxmint.com)

Hostname via GUI ändern (Quelle: linuxmint.com)

change hostname via GUI (source: linuxmint.com)

the developers are working on improvements for xed and Xplayer as well. Rows you can for example sort by select it and then press the button F10 .

ReactOS 0.4.4 can print

is the fifth version of the 0.4.x series

ReactOS 0.4.4. The development according to own forward steadily. A less visible highlight is initial support for printing. Currently, ReactOS can send only print commands to a printer connected to a parallel port. But you must start somewhere Yes.

for more information, see announcing and ISO image as well as live image’s in the download section of the project page.

the Dark Mod 2.0.5

the dark mod is one of my favorite games on Linux. It is the gameplay thief, but with the Doom 3 engine. Who doesn’t, should miss it. It doesn’t cost anything. According to an official announcement , among other things, the performance has been improved. Who wants to know the changes in detail, can lead to the changelog to heart. There is the game and relevant missions in the download section of the project page. Even though the dark mod is somewhat older, an unconditional recommendation. The atmosphere and slow instead of shopping are just amazing. I already loved but also at the time thief.

who like the game, who can vote on steam Greenlight my , so that the dark mod permanent will be included in the catalogue.


raspberry celebrates #PiParty and the schedule is

yesterday in two weeks (on 4 March 2017), the developers of the raspberry PI celebrate a big party for the fifth. The schedule is available and there are lots of events and workshops. If you don’t close, do you at least sly , what you’re missing.

#PiParty am 4. und 5. März (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

#PiParty on 4th and 5th March (source: raspberrypi.org)

short note

Ubuntu 17.04 zesty Zapus is located in the feature freeze. Now, no new features added more should and the developer team cares first and foremost to the repair of bugs.

Hitman on Linux already impressive looks. But with my hardware (primarily GPU) I need not dance on there. Until 20 January 2017, there is 50 percent discount !

Victor Vran overkill Edition looks quite nice – especially for fans of Motörhead :). In fact, the overkill is add-ons Edition the main game and two. If you already have the game, can also separately to buy the Add-ons.

because we’re on the subject of games – KONA looks interesting, or?

GNOME 3.23.90 is da . In fact, this is a beta version for the upcoming GNOME 3.24. The beta version does also feature freeze freeze and API freeze, UI. Now, the developers focus on bug fixes and stability improvements.

the development of wine goes to version 2.0 and the developers have put wine 2.2 available. Now there is a new developer version again every two weeks and in about a year we see then probably wine 2.4. The Windows version is set for new prefixes to Windows 7. Here you can find all further information .

the ownCloud there are repainting the website – Jewelry looks . Ever mine could use a new paint job – if I even have time – although until then she could again modern new website of the ownCloud be 🙂

Nice PI-constellation

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