[Tutorial] how to connect an external device to my Android device

hard drive, mouse, keyboard, joystick to play… it is possible to connect any accessory with my Android device thanks to its Micro USB port. We need the right adapter. Here’s how to perform the operation.

the USB OTG adapter proves invaluable. This allows to connect very easily all kinds of external devices to your Android mobile device, bringing the latter from a real computer. Keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, memory card, controller for video games… the same adapter turns your smartphone or tablet in a host device, so it’s the latter that feeds the external device in energy. So beware of vertiginous falls to battery. Introduced with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the USB OTG support is widespread on current Android devices. In other words those who enjoy a more recent version of Android. To know if your mobile is compatible, download the app free USB Hosts diagnostics .

Note that adapter USB OTG, depending on the model chosen, does everything simply not fit into the Micro-USB port on your Android device. Example: our adapter is compatible with Nexus one Galaxy, but not with a bike G G 4, 2014.

in this sense, it is advisable to try it before checkout. Here’s how to connect.

to go further, we invite you to view our full guide on the storage on Android .

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