[Tutorial] create my family tree without Internet

If you are interested in genealogy, you are perhaps discouraged by the requirement to have an Internet connection to power your tree on PC. The Geneatique application removes this requirement.

not so simple to establish my family tree. The inevitable peeling of the documents in the dusty basement of departmental or other archives is often handicapped by the absence of Internet connection. And when we see the profusion of software specialized in the field, it is a pity to have to go through the paper, especially if you have already started on PC. Geneatique, both software and creator of websites dedicated to the discipline, offers an Android application usable offline, combined with a function of synchronization with the software and/or website (geneatique.net).

export since the software:

you started your tree on the Geneatique software? Since the latter made file > Export > export my genealogy to geneatique.net . From another software, it will have to import a file in GEDCOM format on your geneatique.net account.

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