[Tutorial] connect my PC to the Internet thanks to its smartphone

share its connection 3 G or 4 G with a PC or a laptop, it is possible and it’s called tethering. A very useful option to help out if you don’t have Wi – Fi or key 3G / 4G access.

you are out and about with your PC laptop and you need to connect to the Internet? The cheapest, most effective and easiest option is to turn your Android smartphone into a key 3G / 4G (the so-called “Tethering”)! Your PC will connect to your phone, which will turn into free Internet access point. As long as they are not too far from each other, your two devices communicate by Wi – Fi. Attention even when not to exceed your monthly limit of mobile data and load the mobile!

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in tutorial to connect my computer over Wi – Fi with its Android smartphone, you will see how:

– configure the Wi – Fi access point

– choose the frequency of Wi – Fi

– enable connection sharing

– connect the PC in Wi – Fi with the created access point


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