Sony Xperia X Compact vs Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): small, cute and sturdy?

Sony Xperia X Compact vs Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): design and finish

we have here two very different schools. To one side Sony and its monolithic smartphones at the angles well represented, another Samsung who plays more map of flare, both at the level of the curves in the back than on the angles. In addition to these visual differences, the major difference is the choice of material: while the Galaxy A3 (2017) favours the metal and glass as do many flagships, the Xperia X Compact is simple plastic which is certainly elegant, but for many it’s a less noble material. 

Sony used to waterproof smartphones but it changed strategy with its Xperia X Compact: the tightness disappeared. That’s enough damage because it lost one of its great strengths is here and here still helps the Galaxy A3 to take advantage the latter sees the IP68 certification that my predecessor did not.

AndroidPIT sony xperia x compact 12
a small size for a typical Sony design. © AndroidPIT

the two devices have a fingerprint reader. It is located on the Samsung, as the usual Home button at the top of the screen, between the two capacitive keys. On the device from Sony, it is placed on the edge, on the power button. Another similarity: both phones allow to use a microSD to a maximum capacity of 256 GB. On the Sony device this location is on the edge while Samsung proposes for the first time on the upper edge.

With its dimensions of 129 x 65 x 9.5 mm, the Compact Sony Xperia X is slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) which has the dimensions of 135,4 x 66.2 x 7.9 mm. As you can see in these numbers, it’s also thicker. As for weight, it is exactly the same in both devices: 135 grams. In hand, the difference is not much felt.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy a3 2017 4785
a small size for a typical design Samsung S7. © AndroidPIT

Samsung based the design of its device on one of its flagship, the finishing touches excellence and the premium aspect is indisputable. Sony offers a smartphone plastic according to the rules of brand design, which will delight fans of Sony but could offend other users. If the choice of appearance is a matter of taste, I nevertheless a preference for Samsung which also includes waterproofing.

Sony Xperia X Compact vs Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): quality screen

the Compact X is slightly smaller and this is reflected at the level of the screen size. It has a diagonal of 4.6 inches while its Korean competitor has a 4.7-inch diagonal. This can be a determining factor for some but the nail another element: the smartphone from Sony occupies more space with 69.6% 67.9% for the Samsung. 

Both devices use the same definition, namely 720 x 1280 (definition HD). Screen technology is not the same, Samsung is using my usual of the AMOLED while Sony is using the IPS LCD, but in practice the quality of the two screens is really good. Each has its advantages, Sony Triluminos technology is on the rendering of colors while the AMOLED allows to use the Always-On-Display mode. 

AndroidPIT sony xperia x compact 5
despite its definition HD, the X Compact screen is not too doing evil. © AndroidPIT

Sony Xperia X Compact vs Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): software interface

two phones work by default in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow although they have been marketed with several months apart. However, the update to Nougat is possible on the Xperia X Compact while the A3 is still blocked under Marshmallow for the moment. Not surprisingly, the two devices use the overcoat of the manufacturer: Xperia UI for Sony and for Samsung TouchWiz (or should I rather say Grace UX or same Samsung Experience?). Xperia UI has the merit to be a little closer to Stock so it could delight the purists, but TouchWiz became rather elegant, especially if we compare it to the look she had on old models.

a3 2017 interface
left, Upday notifications menu. © ANDROIDPIT

in both cases the use is fluid and intuitive. That said, the two devices have the same flaw: the presence of preinstalled applications. It is true that the amount of bloatware has decreased but it is quite annoying to have apps on the phone you will never want to use but you can still not delete (unless you hack, of course).

Here, it’s really a matter of preference or usual. 

Sony Xperia X Compact vs Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): performance

we are here in the mid-tier segment so we must obviously not expect performance of madness. If they are far to compete with the flagships of the moment, they lack not of potential though. The smartphone from Sony has a memory of long live 3 GB and a Snapdragon 650, hexacore processor clocked at a maximum frequency of 1.8 GHz with its two hearts Cortex A72. The A3 has a RAM of 2 GB and uses him from Samsung octocore processor: Exynos 7870 operating at a frequency of 1.6 GHz.

in practice, you won’t notice much difference. In a normal and everyday use, both devices are fast and have no lags no bugs, and arrive to rotate more or less any game without problem and without seeing the phone overheat. Whatever your choice, you can not go wrong.

the two devices are fast and have no lags no bugs

the Sony present the advantage of providing better memory is internal. With its 32 GB, it allows users to take/store more pictures and videos that the A3 which does only 16 GB. However, the Compact X is not a good student in terms of the DAS: with 1.08 W/kg for the head and 1.25 W/kg for the body, it’s pretty bad. Samsung offers 0,349 W/kg at the level of the head but 1.38 W/kg at the level of the body. 

Sony Xperia X Compact vs Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): camera

since it is mid-range, should not expect great prowess in photography. Sony has an advantage: he built himself the objectives and master the subject. This Compact X does unfortunately not illustrate perfectly what: the purpose of 23 megapixels and the opening f/2.0 allow to take nice pictures but no more, then autofocus is not precise. The Samsung device offers a configuration difference: goal of 13 megapixels and opening f/1, 9. Overall, the images taken with the Galaxy A3 seem a bit more successful but in low light the two devices have problems.

At the front, the Compact X offers a resolution of 5 megapixels to a f/2.4 aperture while Samsung offers 8 megapixels for opening f/1, 9. In practice, the two devices are quite correct selfies but Galaxy A3 has a slight lead despite a little problem of management of light.

Sony Xperia X Compact vs Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): autonomy

who says small device said small battery. But we can also say “small device means a small screen” and a definition with a minimum low consumption is limited. That’s what made the two manufacturers in use a definition of HD in order to preserve the battery.

That said, the Compact X offers a much bigger battery than its Korean competitor: 2700 mAh for Sony and ‘only’ 2350 for Samsung. In addition, big advantage for the Japanese here, it offers a quick charging system that allows to recharge the smartphone in 1 h 30 from 0 to 100%. 

Despite its low battery capacity, the Samsung device has a very good battery life. You can either hold without problem a day and a half of use, or even more with more moderate use. 

the Japanese offers a quick charging system

Sony Xperia X Compact vs Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): verdict

while the Xperia X Compact presents several interesting aspects, it seems more appropriate to opt for a Samsung if we must choose between the two. It offers more features, including the seal, and especially it is less expensive than the Xperia X Compact yet released more than 3 months. Galaxy A3 can be bought for about 330 euros, the Xperia X Compact is best to 350 euros but more often around 400 euros.

Sony fans appreciate the typical design of the Japanese company and do not envisage a system without Xperia UI, but those who can do without these two items may find rather their happiness at the Korean competitor. 

Choose Xperia X Compact gold Galaxy A3 (2017).

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