Smartphones AMOLED: how to listen to my music on YouTube by backing up its battery

listen to YouTube music on my smartphone became common. But did you know that if you have an AMOLED screen, a very simple tip you can save a maximum of battery? This tutorial will teach you to back up to the maximum the autonomy of your phone.

YouTube Musique Amoled

do you remember the time when you had to leave your walkman and my tapes to listen to the music? Or suffer the bursts of your CD player? Isn’t it? Luckily, neither do we. Nowadays, access to my music has become extremely easy.

We don’t count the number of streaming services plus musical existing on our smartphones. But their paid appearance can be binding, particularly for youth who often turns to Youtube despite their package… and their battery.

If listen to my music with YouTube in the background has become simple, there is not necessarily a good solution for listening to her by keeping your battery. But the owners of smartphones to AMOLED screens can rest assured: we have the trick need you!

How to keep its battery while listening to music on YouTube thanks to the AMOLED

you know most likely, the specificity of AMOLED screens is the ability to turn off their pixels to display the black, rather than “to display black”, which allows a lower battery consumption. It is exactly what we use today.


  • Android 4.2 or higher

  • a smartphone screen AMOLED (Samsung or OnePlus 3 for example)

are the only two things you need to take advantage of this trick, which obviously doesn’t work with smartphones to LCD display. You won’t need to root to use this trick.

Download Blackr Pro

thanks to an application that we will be able to turn off your screen when well even you listen to your music through YouTube. Don’t panic: it is not only available on the Store, but it is also completely free despite the ‘Pro’ name that might give you some ideas. Download it here:

Google Play Store

configure Blackr Pro

this application will allow you to overlay a black screen in any application, YouTube including, without making sure it stops turning. To activate it, you just check “Enable.”

to ensure that the application works perfectly, don’t forget to go on the dots on the top right and choose ‘Options ‘. On this Panel, check “Hide navigation” is enabled.

You can also customize the black panel for example displaying a clock to the way Always On the Galaxy mode , or make sure your calls it off automatically. A floating icon can also be added to your screen to activate in a few clicks.

In ‘Settings’, you will be able to adjust more precisely the functioning of the application, like making sure double support is necessary to disable the screen rather than a simple support, or customize the style of the clock.

Use Blackr Pro to keep your battery

and here! Now you have the ability to display a black screen over your YouTube window, allowing you to continue to listen to your music while keeping up your battery. To:

once you have started your music, open your notification Panel. Blackr is there: tap the notification, and the service will launch over the active application and you’ll see a black screen. Simple support eventually allows you to disable the black screen and regain control of your phone.

Your smartphone screen being the element using the most battery on the device, and not providing power to displaying pixels AMOLED screens black, you will here a screen off but a still functional YouTube. Nothing better to enjoy!

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