Raspberry PI zero W - with WLAN / WiFi and Bluetooth plus great new housing [Full Guide]

just in time for the 5th birthday of the raspberry PI there’s a new product or a family member. It’s called raspberry PI zero W. That’s just taken a raspberry PI zero with wireless card and Bluetooth.

this is the second large expansion for the zero. There was one camera connector or a connection point for a camera module already last year.

raspberry PI zero W cost only $ 10

according to own statements is the price for a raspberry PI zero W just times $ 10. Thus he is but twice as expensive as the zero, but brings Wi-Fi / WiFi and Bluetooth integrated with it.

I just see above with quite a few hobbyists heart beat much higher. The form factor of zero is very attractive. However the communication has been a problem but rather. 

Raspberry Pi Zero W (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

raspberry PI zero W (source: raspberrypi.org)

the raspberry PI zero W uses the same Cypress CYW43438 wireless chip as like the raspberry PI model 3B. Thus there are 802 11n WLAN / WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. Of course the official distribution of Raspbian can be to operate and all the hardware works without further intervention.

the raspberry PI zero W in detail

  • 1 GHz single-core CPU

  • 512 MB RAM / memory

  • mini-HDMI port

  • micro-USB on-the-go port

  • micro USB power connector

  • has compatible 40-pin headers

  • composite video and reset headers

  • CSI camera connection 802. 11n wireless LAN

  • is Bluetooth 4.0

so that the tiny always still no race bread , but very many more doors open by the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. At least, if you in the direction of automation and IoT (Internet of things / Internet of things), drones and so think.

the PI zero needs much less power as the larger relationship. As much now swallows juice zero W, since you will have to wait on testing.

where can I get the PI zero W her?

in Germany, the pipsqueak here is as Kit purchase . It cost less than 25 euros. For that, you get:

  • raspberry PI zero W

  • HDMI-> miniHDMI adapter

  • microUSB OTG cable

  • 1 A microUSB 5 V power supply

  • 40-pin header (2 x 20 pins, THT, 2.54 mm pitch)

the instrument is in stock. Due to the supposedly high demand, there is currently only one device per household.

official housing

the red and white housing of the raspberry PI 3 knows almost everyone. Now also a case developed PI zero W in the same style for the raspberry. The housing comes with three interchangeable lids. You can close it completely. Then there’s a lid that leaves access to the GPIO interface. Still, there is one that is suitable for the use of the camera module.

Gehäuse für den Raspberry Pi Zero W mit drei verschiedenen Deckeln (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

case for the raspberry PI zero W with three different covers (source: raspberrypi.org)

the official video with the announcement

Nice PI-constellation

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