Raspberry Pi Zero: finally available in France!

a year expected it! Thanks to Kubii Raspberry Pi Zero is finally available in France.
Descriptions of projects there are lots, expansion cards there even more 🙂
the only thing that was missing from the call… it was the Raspberry Pi Zero itself!
Kubii, partner of framboise314, today announced the availability of the Pi Zero in France.

in order to meet a maximum of requests, and because of limited supplies, the Pi Zero will be sold to the unit.

Raspberry Pi Zero is available alone (€5.62)

for those who start with the Pi Zero the basic kit (€17.99) has a mini-HDMI adapter HDMI and a USB micro adapter USB and a micro SD with the system card preinstalled.

think it the kit Zero more (€23.90) is preferable. It includes a protection that put the Pi Zero free from contact with metal objects.

the most complete Kit STARTER KIT PIZERO (€29.90) has a power supply. To start from scratch 😀 is a good alternative.

all this material is available from February 8, 2017 at 10 H on the site of Kubii .

about François MOCQ

electronics of origin, became a computer scientist, and passionate about new technologies, training in computer maintenance and networking and Telecommunications. Upon my arrival on the market, the potential offered by Raspberry Pi got me excited I quickly created a blog dedicated to the nano-computer (www.framboise314.fr) to share this passion. .

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