Planet of the apes... hit the Tinder!

Tinder is currently the most popular dating app. It is one of the the most lucrative applications and seems to be entered into legend since my system and my name can be found in experience: “Tinder for Orangutans”, IE “Tinder for orangutans”. Where did this funny idea come from? 

orangutans: a species close to humans

the orangutans are an intelligent species and, if you take the time to explain things to them, they are able to surprise us. While some belittle them to tasks of a unspeakable filth, others try to develop their potential , and others still want to allow them to choose their partners themselves. The female Samboja, main character in our story, did so to view profiles on Tinder and tell people she likes. My Ira colleague told me that this is nothing new and that there already funny monkeys on Tinder, hope that Samboja will not fall on the same…

They are not only smart, they assi have quite similar to ours, behavior or we have a similar, depends on the view. They have in common 97% of their genome with humans, is therefore not a surprise that we have things in common, including a preference in the choice of partners. 

AndroidPIT its a match tinder
“Yes, it’s too good!” © AndroidPIT

an application Tinder to find their partner

Yes, you read that right, it’s Tinder for the orangutans. My God, how we got here, you may wonder? CNET explains everything in my article: “The Apenheul Primate Park”, a Dutch zoo employees, took this idea to help to their primate Samboja, who could use a partner. She has nothing to brighten my evenings, not cs or evening in box, so combine business with pleasure and go hunting on Tinder. A biologist at the zoo, Thomas BIonda, explained a sad reality: “the animals often return to the zoo where they originate without having a partner”. Every effort will be made to Samboja does not suffer this situation.

We tend to forget it, but animals feel emotions too. When it is not imposed by their nature, some species appreciate finding a partner who they like it rather than yield to the advances of the first jerk come purely reproductive purposes. Some fight in a duel to kick horns, others make the wheel to impress the one of their hearts, but it is outdated. The love of animals 2.0, that’s what we prepare. When you see what this can give humans, we can question the merits of this decision, but in a purely moral perspective is a good thing.

You see this a good or bad experience?

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