On the benchmarks, the Snapdragon 835 is barely faster than the Kirin 960 of Huawei

the processor used in Mate 9, Kirin 960 years might well abandon in 2017 the Crown of the fastest multicore mobile processor. It’s at least that suggests many tests on the famous Geekbench benchmark? Well sure, these figures can be a fake but we nevertheless analyzed these data.

it is still early to make such conclusions. We have yet to see a concrete example, and updates are still to come before you can test a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-powered Android smartphone. That being said, the new leak of GizmoChina shows what we can expect.

geekbench qualcomm sd 835 vs huawei kirin 960
vs Qualcomm. Huawei: which is better? © GizmoChina

we expect to see this processor on the HTC 11 and in the American model of the Samsung Galaxy S8 . Samsung have the exclusivity of this processor for its S8 and S8 more, but these are just rumors so if they are not proven it is possible also that we find on other devices, such as the LG G6 .

geekbench qualcomm sd 835 geekbench leak
here are the results of the Snapdragon 835 on Geekbench. © GizmoChina

in our analysis with the Huawei Mate 9, we find another result. The Snapdragon 835 can also do well in multicore against Kirin 960 that has already been optimized several times. On some points, the Qualcomm processor is in mind, especially at the level of the FLOPS performance where he achieved a score of 6000 so that the processor of Huawei gets only 4800. 

Results on benchmarks show us what we can expect this chip

what do you think?

In the leaked benchmarks, the Snapdragon 835 shows impressive performance at the level of the games: it would work almost two times faster than that of the Huawei Mate 9. We expect to receive our devices to do some tests. In addition, the technical data on the device show that we can expect better battery life and a faster Internet.

GFXBench SD 835
SD 835 would especially proven in sessions of game. © GFXBench

that said, the Snapdragon 835 offers more than the GPU performance and game. It should be associated with the new generation of fast charging: Quick Charge 4.0. She should be allowed to charge the smartphone by half in 15 minutes…

What is the processor is a criterion for purchase for you?

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