OK Google Now: the list of commands in french

pending Google Wizard in our regions, Google Now remains the most powerful tool allowing you to perform searches and get information on your Android using the voice command “Ok Google.” Still need to know to use and what types of words and phrases key work in french. We list here the most useful Google Now commands you finally use its full potential!

ok google now liste commandes francais

how to enable voice search ‘OK Google’ on Android

if when you say “Ok Google” on your phone or Tablet and nothing happens, you probably have not enabled voice commands. Nothing complicated, here’s how:

  • go to the Google application (with the ‘G’ logo)

  • in the menu at the top left, go to parameters > voice > detect “Ok Google”

  • from this menu, you can choose when to enable the detection of commands when you say “Ok Google” (from the Google app, while driving or from any screen). ” It is also here that you record your voice model.

Google Now – voice commands in French

Note: the list we present here is not necessarily exhaustive, but includes the main controls. If you have any other interesting to share with the community, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

time and weather and General controls

  • check the weather: what’s the weather [demain après-midi ?] or [Fait-il froid aujourd’hui ?]

  • asking the time: what time is in [Tokyo ?]

  • know the stock: how much is worth action [Google]?

  • various questions: how old is [Elon Musk]? or how big is [Beyoncé]? List of movies [saga], who played in [Film]

  • the definition of a word: that means [votre mot]

  • translate words or phrases: How do you say [l’addition en italien]?

  • track a package with an order confirmation in Gmail: [Où est mon colis ?]

calculations and conversations

  • to calculate a tip: how much tip leave for a score of [50 euros]?

  • to solve a mathematical problem: [Quelle est la racine carrée de 695 ?], [nombre] multiplied by [nombre]

  • to convert units: convert [50 livres en kilogrammes]

  • alarms, reminders and calendar

  • set an alarm: [Mets le réveil demain à 7h]

  • set a reminder in Gmail, Keep: reminds me [d’acheter du pain à midi]

  • create an event in Google Calendar: create the event [rendez-vous médical] to [heure] [date]

Contacts and communications

  • call [contact] [numéro] [domicile, mobile, …]

  • send a SMS/text message to [contact] to tell him [message]

  • send an e-mail/e-mail to [contact], [objet] (ex: holiday), [message] (your message)

  • send a WhatsApp message (or other) to [contact] to tell him [message]

schedules and coordinates

  • address [boutique, musée, …] to [ville, lieu]

  • coordinates of [boutique, musée, …] to [ville, lieu]

  • [boutique, musée, …] phone number to [ville, lieu]

  • schedule : What time close [lieu]

  • are looking for a hotel: [cinéma, restaurant, …] [le plus proche, aux alentours]

directions, navigation, and travel

  • route to [Ville, adresse, …] or take me to [lieu]

  • find nearby addresses: [Où est la pharmacie la plus proche ?]

  • view a place: map/plan [lieu], where [lieu]?

  • know the distance of a place: Distance between [lieu] and [lieu], how long to go to [Lieu]

  • know the traffic: traffic [route, ville, lieu]

status and information about the flights

  • hour of takeoff/landing of flight [AF 4350]

  • the flight [AF 4350]

  • flight [AF 4350] status

Sports and leisure

  • ranking of [Ligue 1]

  • results [PSG contre Monaco]

  • what is the next match [LOSC]

  • schedule [Marseille Ligue 1]

control Android

  • turn [GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi]

  • open [Application]

  • listen to music: cast/listen [Artiste] on [Application]

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