Nintendo promises launch two or three mobile games each year

still expected the arrival of Super Mario Run on Android, Nintendo explained publicly my desire now to launch two or three games a year on mobile. A way to reassure overall disappointed investors of the financial results of the Japanese brand.

Nintendo also wants my share of the cake in the mobile games market. While the Japanese firm is actively preparing for the launch of my new console Switch on February 3, she promised that she would be released each year two to three games. 

This year 2017 will see the arrival of the first 3 games of Nintendo on Android. In addition to Super Mario Run, which should arrive in March and Fire Emblem: Heroes whose output is scheduled for tomorrow, so potentially a third game should see the day.

the acceleration of its policy of mobile games is not surprising. On iOS, the game has already helped win more than 53 million dollars. A windfall of money Nintendo cannot refuse. The Japanese group announced this week recorded a quarterly profit of 265 million euros, down 3.7 percent compared with cleared a year ago that then results in a fall in my action of 5% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Are you glad the arrival of Nintendo on mobile?

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