MWC 2017: dates, news and announcements expected at the largest mobile exhibition

now arrived in February of this year 2017, and we know what that means in the middle of smartphones: the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the largest exhibition dedicated to mobile, is fast approaching. But what to expect from this edition 2017? In this case, we list you all the news and announcements to remember!

Mobile World Congress 2017

all year in the middle of the high-tech knows a thundering, startup that will influence the coming months until a new year came. In the middle of the high-tech, the starting point of this trend is the Consumer Electronic Show, or these.

But the Smartphone industry has become far too important to settle for this one. That’s why the was organized Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , where the biggest creators often come to present their high-end models and the trend that they will defend during the year.

After a particularly successful 2016 vintage, what’s new to expect in 2017 from this show? The year will be very special, as a result of an industrial context that is different from what we are accustomed. Here’s what to expect from the MWC 2017.

MWC 2017: the largest mobile in the world

Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest trade fairs in the world about the high-tech universe, and is dedicated to mobile but also accessories that make up the market. In my usual, will take place in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, 2017 .

Lucky for us, since the largest world fair is European! But be careful: it is not a living room open to the public, but only to the professionals of the sector and the press.

MWC 2017: dates and hours of conferences

as many other events in the Middle, the show is organized in two parts: the showfloor, on which we will be able to pick up the phones and discover new products, and the pre – MWC 2017 conferences that will present with great fanfare the innovations of manufacturers. This is the Conference for this year.

Conference 2017 MWC LG: February 26, 12 h

Conférence LG MWC 2017

the Korean manufacturer LG will have much to do to convince the users this year. After a LG G5 and its modules that will not succeed in seducing the market, and dug the finances of the company, it is time to return to success.

To do this, the brand we will present the LG G6 at the Mobile World Congress 2017 . A phone that wants to return to a more traditional design, abandoning the modular to the passage, but incorporating the best features of the moment: big screen borderless, resistance to water and taken to easily hand are on the program.

MWC 2017 Huawei Conference: February 26, 14 h 30

huawei p10 mwc

Huawei has been one of the most active builders in year 2016, and notably on the end of it. After revealed there is little Mate 9 , he must now confirm its position of third world in 2017.

For this, he should tell us my new Huawei P10 , who would always benefit from Leica certification in order to highlight a double high-powered photo sensor. This is at least what we’re hoping. As a bonus, it will be for the automaker to present its new processor Kirin, in wrestling with the Snapdragon 835 this year.

MWC 2017 Lenovo Motorola Conference: February 26, 16 h 30

Conférence MWC 2017 Lenovo Moto

the second Builder is attempting the modular last year was none other than Motorola, under the aegis of Lenovo, with the new bike Z and Z Force. In 2017, hard to believe that these will continue on this path, even though it could create a surprise with truly innovative accessories. After all, its modular was much more convenient.

In all likelihood, the constructor will unveil us the motorcycle G5 and G5 Plus for mid-tier, while a new Moto X would be in preparation . What we expect from the manufacturer, it is primarily the upper affordable range and the mid-tier competitive.

Conference MWC 2017 Samsung: 26 February 19 h

samsung mwc 2017

last year, Samsung was the undisputed star of the Mobile World Congress 2016 Galaxy S7 with S7 Edge. But this year, that won’t be the case. Indeed, the brand has confirmed that the Galaxy S8 wouldn’t part .

What does mean that the manufacturer will have nothing to offer us. He indeed planning a surprise for the living room , although it is likely the new Galaxy Tab S3. Initially, no phone on the horizon so we will wait for this March.

Conference MWC 2017 Nokia (HMD): 26 February

conférence Nokia MWC 2017

one of the most anticipated events of this Mobile World Congress is other than the return of the Nokia brand on the Smartphone market. To do this, it will pass through the HMD, itself made up of former Finnish brand manufacturer.

We know that the manufacturer prepares several smartphones for this , and particularly look forward to discover the high end to understand the new philosophy of Nokia Android. Hope that this return is a winning return.

MWC 2017 Sony Conference: 27 February 08:30

Conférence Sony MWC 2017

so that expected especially at IFA, the Japanese manufacturer Sony has created the surprise at the Mobile World Congress 2016 by unveiling its new range Xperia x problem being on the rest of the year, he has also released many smartphones.

Also, hard to know what will be its strategy on 2017. At a minimum, it is obvious that this one will present the new Xperia XA . But to do? We speak of 5 possible Sony smartphones on the show, but perhaps is that the complete roadmap of the manufacturer. Response on the show.

MWC 2017 Wiko Conference: February 27, 16 h

Conférence Wiko MWC 2017

each year, the Wiko constructor always has many smartphones to introduce ourselves, in many different ranges. Last year, my Fever Wiko focused on color and personality. We expect that this year, Wiko do the same.

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