MWC 2017: the 8 most anticipated smartphones

a few days before the start of MWC 2017. If ads expected are less numerous than in previous editions, this does not prevent a great interest for smartphones that will be unveiled. Here is a selection of the most anticipated models, history to make your mouth water.

mwc 2017 smartphones attendus

LG G6: the star of the MWC 2017

for a few weeks now, the LG G6 is at the heart of the rumors on the smartphone market. The Korean giant intends to make its next smartphone MWC 2017 star. The smartphone will face few serious competitors for a few weeks. Only the P10 Huawei, which will also be announced at the MWC should make weight.

LG G6 rendu

indeed, the other high-end models not will be revealed later the year, fault exclusively between Qualcomm and Samsung for the processor Snapdragon 835 is a . LG chose to integrate an older but nevertheless powerful processor, Snapdragon 821, to be able to present its G6 LG at MWC. A strategic choice that the brand will have to make the most of.

On paper, according to the latest rumors and information distilled by the brand, LG G6 has everything to hit . The LG conference is thus logically highly anticipated.

Huawei P10: that’s him

if the LG G6 is awaited, he’ll share the poster with its competitor, Huawei P10 . Last year, the Chinese automaker has proposed a great Huawei P9 . my successor is so waited at the turn.

huawei p10 dimensions

Huawei, third world manufacturer, now has some recognition of the general public. Its know-how in terms of design is highly appreciated, and its efforts in recent years are rewarded.

, P9 P10 Huawei should enjoy a partnership with Leica for my double photo sensor. It is a duel at the top that is expected at MWC, and all the same day. Because the two conferences are planned in a few hours intervals. There are looking forward to it.

Sony Xperia XA, and perhaps surprises

Sony is not the best on the market of smartphones despite excellent products. The Japanese does not demerit, but the general public sulks yet its products. At MWC in Barcelona, the giant should reveal its new Xperia XA but not only.

sony xperia xa 2017

up to five smartphones would be provided according to the latest rumors. Hope they will materialize and that the welcome given to Japanese products will be better than in previous years. If the fans and enthusiasts do not need to be convinced, the general public is far from conquered.

BlackBerry Mercury: the original

Blackberry has much choice than to convince. The Canadian giant knows well difficult years. After insisting with my bones home, the builder had to adopt Android. And the result is rather convincing. Its first high-end smartphone integrating the OS from Google, Blackberry Priv, had seduced on many aspects , although it was not perfect.

the brand was in part unveiled its Mercury Blackberry at CES in Las Vegas , but details are expected when the MWC 2017. We know that the physical keyboard is back, to the delight of the fans. But we know little about the technical specifications of the smartphone.

The announcement of Blackberry is so highly anticipated, because my Mercury would be one and only high end Android smartphone with a physical keyboard . An originality that could attract many users.

G5 and G5 Plus motorcycle: the values

the high-end smartphones aren’t necessarily the only ones to be expected at MWC. Moto G5 and G5 over Lenovo we are also stamping of impatience. I must say that the manufacturer has found the right formula to offer terminals of quality at very attractive prices in the mid-range segment.

Moto G5 Plus

Moto G4 and G4 more impressed, and my successors are therefore very expected by users not wishing to spend a minimum wage in a smartphone. If the conference of Lenovo is not necessarily the most expected, it is still worth a visit for these two products.

WIKO: smartphones a mess

Wiko may be criticized by some users, but it is not less than the second leading brand in France , ahead of Apple. A result that is explained by a multitude of smartphones at the value for money more than interesting.

wiko ufeel prime autonomie

each year, the brand improves its products and its impressive results testify. It will be interesting to watch what has planned the brand this year to continue its March forward. Apparently, there will be a lot of products.

WIKO: how the French brand has emerged to the Giants Apple and Samsung

Nokia 3310: the return

Finally! The wait becomes unbearable around Nokia products. The brand that shone for years on the market of mobile phones unfortunately collapsed on smartphones.

nokia 3310 sous toutes les coutures

but the Finn will make my comeback in 2017. With all new products under Android, awaited by fans. Among them, there is one that will definitely make an impression: the Nokia 3310 will make a comeback .

The legendary, renowned for its strength and its indestructible battery smartphone will therefore be entitled to her reboot. Nothing like to return in force in the minds of the general public. Here again, you can no longer wait.

Galaxy S8: a first look

calm down, calm down. Samsung will not officially unveil its Galaxy S8 at the MWC in Barcelona. But the Korean is not be to steal the show by its competitors. For example, a first glimpse of its next high-end is foreseen .

What do my biggest fans salivating. Rumors about the Galaxy S8 suggest a product decidedly upscale with new features that should make a difference. After the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has put the package.

Galaxy S8

this is for the most anticipated smartphones of the MWC Barcelona 2017. Of course, we are not immune to surprises and above all original models presented by brands less known but full of talent. Each year, small start-up show a great capacity for innovation. So we stroll the halls of the fair to introduce them also.

MWC 2017: dates, news and announcements expected at the largest mobile exhibition

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