Live 7 wallpapers as beautiful as practices on Android

for many years, you now have the ability to put a live wallpaper on your phone. These diversified and become more practical and beautiful now. To finally take full advantage of this opportunity, here is our selection of the best live wallpapers available on Android.

Fonds écran animé android

On the Smartphone market and the war of operating systems making against iOS and Android, it is a ground on which Google’s OS has always been unbeatable: customization with excess of the unit it allows.

In our tutorials, we sometimes talk about advanced concepts. But sometimes, we just want to to customize my desktop wallpaper and nothing else. However, if this wallpaper was… lively?

This is a possibility since long under the platform, which allows you to put a GIF in the background for example . Today, we deliver our selection of the best live wallpapers available on the Store.

Live wallpapers pay

YoWindow, animated weather

YoWindow is our pet, since it couple two excellent features on smartphone: live the wallpapers of all beauty, and the weather forecast in real time. Indeed, the weather app allows you to have a wallpaper describing current weather, with of small animated sketches very jovial and delicious. A must!

Google Play Store

Season Zen HD, nature takes its course

If you’re more the type to enjoy the 3D and the discovery of a scene changing with time, Season Zen HD is for you. This live wallpaper offers a live view on the nature and the life of a small bird. Here again, the wallpaper changes with the seasons, and even the calendar events: what be kept informed while enjoying a background very relaxing.

Google Play Store

Space Colony, for lovers of science fiction

relaxation, zen, that’s fine. The excitement, the thunderstorm in the alternative, it is very well also. But if you want to just dive in my passions, by displaying a city straight from science fiction on my phone? Is there a solution for this, fortunately with Space Colony, depicting a city that it like straight out of Star Wars!

Google Play Store

Live wallpapers free

Forest Live, minimalism in the Woods

if 3D is not your forte and you prefer instead minimalism, Forest Live is for you. Here again, the wallpaper change of scene and activities according to the season and the weather. The background image reacts when you tilt your device forwards or backwards, to find still more my scene. Very clean, smooth and very light for your smartphone: perfect basically.

Google Play Store

Tornado 3D, the electrifying

at the moment, we are still in the rest, relaxation, zen… but maybe this is not made for you. So why not lightning, tornadoes and monsters made of several meters high wind? That’s exactly the formula of Tornado 3D, which is very simplistic but effective and is not greedy in battery. What show a little anger in this world of sweetness. Two versions are available on the Store, 6 wallpapers in all.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Waterfall, the dip at ease

it was one of the live wallpapers the most sober, since it is relatively static if it isn’t some effects here and there designed to make the photo more vivid and brilliant. As a result, he consumes a lot, and does not take the risk of tire with a large selection of photos is chaining randomly. Very nice and relaxing.

Google Play Store

CARP, the classic

when we go live wallpaper, we can’t help but go to an aquarium, a strange reflex that comes a custom in the world of high-tech. CARP does exactly that, and transforms your wallpaper in the giant aquarium. With a little extra edge to pass the time: you can tap twice to feed your fish, or once to scare them away.

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