LibreELEC 8 is given - just install on the raspberry PI 3 [Full Guide]

LibreELEC 8 was after ten alpha – and three beta versions as stable declared. It is actually LibreELEC 8.0.0. I have used the alpha and beta versions (7.9.x) long on a raspberry PI 3 and it has gone very well so far. LibreELEC 8.0 is famously based on the multimedia system kodi 17 krypton , which brings many improvements and changes.

changes in LibreELEC 8 since the last beta version

that developers have entered various fixes and updated in the corresponding images on the kernel linux-amlogic 3.10 (arm) and 3.14 (aarch64). There is also an applet that is necessary for the overclocking an Odroid-C2. As expected there was no great innovations.

the image of LibreELEC 8 for conventional x86_64 hardware is 216 MB big. This is under the boat size limit of 230 MB overlooking older OpenELEC installations. Thus, you must not change the partitions for an upgrade or completely reinstall.

user community builds stroke and play 2 (aarch64 kernel with 32-bit user space), the official versions to use for Odroid-C2, WeTek, must before an update which remove 32-bit binary Add-ons. [A is also touch / storage/.update/.nocompat necessary to override validation of the architecture. Who uses the official builds, easy to update as usual.

bugs and fixes

the developers thank you for the extensive feedback flowing back of the alpha and beta versions. They believe that no major bugs in LibreELEC 8 have crept. In about two weeks version 8.0.1 should already be issued and worry about problems that now arise. There is also a known issue with iMX6. Here, audio starts only about 90 seconds after the start.


8 Installing the easiest install LibreELEC 8, using the LibreELEC USB SD creator. There is for Linux, macOS and Windows alike.

under Linux are you doing executable file and then start it. So that can write the program on the SD card, it needs root access. [YoucouldstartitviatheTerminalforexampleifyouareinthesamefolder:


following that looks like this:

LibreELEC 8 installiert sich am einfachsten über den LibreELEC USB-SD-Creator

LibreELEC 8 installs easiest via the LibreELEC USB SD creator

you’re a raspberry pi 2 or 3, then this architecture choose just us the version of LibreELEC right next to it.

I had to think raspberry only update PI 3 and not reinstall because the path on LibreELEC 8.0 automatically offered to me.

which offer developers but also img.gz files to. These are the images that you can write using the usual suspects on the disk. Etcher would there be a candidate. Links to these images you will find in the official announcement to LibreELEC

8 short word to kodi 17 krypton is krypton

kodi 17 with estuary and get two new wallpapers Estouchy . They are chic and modern look.

LibreELEC und Estuary: Serien

LibreELEC and estuary: series

here’s a screenshot of kodi 17 on a nexus 7 2013. The skin used is Estouchy.

Kodi 17 mit Estouchy auf einem Nexus 7

kodi 17 with Estouchy on a nexus 7

the logical sections are further divided, and you find yourself manage better than users.

LibreELEC: Dienste

kodi 17: services

as is standard WebUI set chorus 2. A browser is the remote control without additives. Under Android, you save friends so fast Kore , the official remote control by kodi. Music is by the way already to browser stream, with videos can’t do that yet.

Kodi 17 mit Chorus 2 bedienen

kodi 17 with chorus 2 use

what you everything for your own multimedia center with LibreELEC and raspberry PI need, you will find this post in .

Nice PI-constellation

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you can gladly give your mustard to this post: here is the comments


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