LG G6: release date, price, specifications

LG G6: design and finish

according to journalist David Ruddock who gets all my information from an internal source to LG, the South Korean firm should add a metal highly reflective material on the rear panel of the smartphone. The G5 LG presented a design all metal without recovery or ornaments with other materials, such as glass or leather. Add glass to the G6 would therefore give a touch more premium on the phone.

A sketch leake on Internet shows us what the G6 LG will look like. Not surprisingly, it is similar to its predecessor in many ways. Including design, we can highlight the double camera among other things. The question that is on everyone’s lips is this: the smartphone will still be modular or LG will give up this idea? According to photography, it’s possible but more items needed to truly confirm this hypothesis.

In other words, mentioned rumors previously seem to confirm: the modular aspect might actually disappear but the mini-jack is preserved.

lg g6 render
this is what the G6 would look like. © Shai Mizrachi

a new image of the LG G6 did surface on the side of slashleaks. This time, the phone is in a protective shell, but we can see several interesting elements: the fingerprint reader will be at the back, below the horizontal bar of the photo material (double camera with the flash between the two objectives). 

LG g6 cover leak
this image seems to confirm that the design of the G6 will be similar to that of the G5. © slashleaks

If this image is not a hoax (it is never leaks), this would confirm that the G6 design would be no different from the G5.

The last rendered revealed on the net confirm that feeling. These renderings were made to accompany the covers posted by Ghostek props who relied on the information provided by the manufacturer. The smartphone sports a display borderless with a margin of only a few millimetres in order to integrate the speaker of the device and sensors (front camera, flash, proximity). The phone seems to be built in metal

at the rear, the camera is always double. We find between the two lenses a flash with two lamps. Of course, the fingerprint reader is always the part. 

androidpit lg g6 renders 1
one of the renderings of the G6. © Ghostek
androidpit lg g6 renders 2
the two volume buttons were placed on the left flank and they are small enough. © Ghostek

are our colleagues from The Verge which revealed a first made very detailed unit. The smartphone is the share beautiful glass and metal the most interesting thing is its screen, which seems to cover almost all of the front of the unit which offers rounded edges. This screen is the recently introduced by LG Display, which is a 5.7-inch display with an unusual ratio of 2:1 and a definition in 2880 x 1440 pixels. The screen should occupy more than 90% of the façade of the device.

lg g6 v
here is what the LG G6 would look like. © The yard

a new photo of the device appeared, this time on the site Korean underKG.co.kr. She shows us a different perspective of the device: we see the upper right and the top of the unit. This image shows that the slot for the SIM card (and probably the microSD, since LG and will place very certainly one) is located on the side and not on the top as we can see in competition. On the top of the camera we find speakers, sensors and the goal of the front camera, nothing too surprising. 

The model shows a stylish grey metal but with a simple picture of the front half, we obviously not too advance us on the side unit premium.

lg g6 leak
here is what the device would look like in a new perspective. © underKG.co.kr

a recent photo shows us the “Jet Black” color device, like Apple, or “Black Pearl” in the terminology of Samsung. The combination of metal and glass gives no doubt an elegant appearance to the phone. LG does not risk and offers its users something they will love and definitely draw a line on the design of the previous devices. However, he keeps some commonalities with the LG G6, for example the presence of the fingerprints on the back drive, where on the G4 the volume keys.

lg g6 leak
of metal and glass. © PhoneArena

new images of the device have surfaced. Overall, they confirm the information received via various rumours here and there. LG has decided to opt for a design change, but it is not radical because we can still see a mini-jack on the upper edge of the device. For the rest, we find a port USB of Type-C, three holes for the speaker and at the back we can see the double camera above the fingerprint reader.

lg g6 leak2
here is the LG G6. © underKG.co.kr

renders of the unit have also been published by the site Androidpure . These images also confirm the general design of the device.

LG G6 pure
that’s what LG G6 would look like in its protective shell. © AndroidPure

the end of the battery removable but the Mini-Jack cable resistance

the bad news however is that this design change would result in the disappearance of the removable battery. A characteristic yet expensive to LG, but that seems less interested users if we are to believe the numbers the last LG G5 sales. Finally, finally, Ruddock plans taking conservation mini-jack 3.5 mm unlike the last iPhone 7 or Moto Z or to the future Galaxy S8 . LG abandons the idea of a smartphone modular

LG had caused a stir with its modular concept of smartphone, but if the idea was original she was also very risky. LG has played with fire and got burned, now he no longer wants to play with matches: he announced these 2017 that he prefers to focus on “aesthetics” and improve the user experience rather than go further with my concept of modules. Clearly, LG will offer us a more “classic” G6.

LG abandons completely the concept of the modular smartphone? Nothing is less certain, perhaps offer a special model if market analyses provide positive results. Sales of the G5 LG, smartphone of reference in this area, were not satisfactory and step back to a smartphone less original seems to be the best solution for the South Korean manufacturer.

LG G6: quality screen

Unfortunately, LG will not be able to count on several of its new technologies, particularly at the level of the screen. It is not question of curved screens but rather a completely flat slab. The fault of insufficient production for the launch of the LG G6. 

Regarding the screen technology itself, we should find one size of 5.7 inches with an unusual ratio of 2:1 and a definition in 2880 x 1440 pixels.

The LG G4 remains the most successful smartphone from the South Korean brand

what do you think?

LG G6: software interface

the smartphone will work on Android Nougat obviously as any smartphone 2017 should do. This will obviously help to have all new in the latest version of Android, and perhaps even the Google Wizard if Google is ready to share it. That said, many rumors claim that Google would create its own system to have.

We know that LG will propose a Wizard on its next flagship. Artificial intelligence is fashionable and LG will not look at Google and Samsung come with this technology. However, LG has recently published an advertising poster for its conference at MWC in which he writes “less artificial. more intelligence”. This teaser we quite perplexing, how does one get a smarter smartphone if it is less artificial? The basis of the AI is a set of commands and pre-programmed reactions that allow the device to learn by himself. More time you spend to set up, the more she can learn and be accurate/useful. Strongly the MWC to learn more!

lg ad mwc 2017
LG turned up the heat with this teaser. © LG

LG G6: sound quality

A like LG V20, the device will have a QUad DAC system which allows to achieve key outputsprovide a better sound quality and use compressed audio formats natively. If the sound should be more balanced in theory and audio experience would be improved, it is quite possible that in practice the ordinary mortals can’t see big difference (unless you use a helmet very high-end). 

LG G6: autonomy

Wireless charging also seems to be one of the problems of the manufacturer. LG would have then decided to adopt a new technology to recharge a smartphone via induction to distance (up to 7 cm) metal. It would also issue that the aluminum shell is covered with tempered glass.

AndroidPIT lg g5 friends 0428
the LG G6 will be t – it a modular smartphone also? © ANDROIDPIT

it is important to clarify that LG focuses on security. Samsung has created a fear with my Galaxy Note7, for many people the batteries of smartphones now represent a danger. LG wants to reassure its potential customers by explaining that my G6 will benefit from a system of heat ducts that will avoid any explosion. It also works on a system of resistance to shocks. These tests are ongoing and there is no doubt that the Korean manufacturer will take no risk.

The battery will of course not removable because LG has decided to forego the modular aspect. The ‘Friends’ farewell and Hello good old battery. Since there is more space in the device, LG took the opportunity to place a somewhat larger battery. This information is confirmed by etnews.com : the latter claims that an inside source (an employee of LG) confirmed that the battery will have a capacity of 3200 mAh. 

Don’t get too excited, the battery capacity is certainly important but is not the criterion that determines the potential of the smartphone. We can take as an example the iPhone 7 which was a 1960 mAh battery and was still a fairly correct autonomy. Software optimization also plays an important role, the choice of components. A display with QHD definition will consume much more energy than a simple HD screen, for example.

LG G6: performance

-side processor, Snapdragon 835 of Qualcomm would not be the order of the day. This chip is indeed highly acclaimed by Samsung for its Galaxy S8. LG could therefore rely on Snapdragon 821, a processor that is already familiar as it team including the Pixel and Pixel XL from Google.

LG G6: other features

last year, LG had focused my G5 on the principle of modularity. The smartphone allows the addition of modules directly at the bottom of the smartphone. However, the approach was complicated and required a restart of the smartphone, in addition to the time needed to disassemble the battery. Lenovo has demonstrated with the bike Z a better implementation.

AndroidPIT lenovo moto z review 3563
the motorcycle Z has proved easier in the management modules. © AndroidPIT

in ETNews , LG would also consider seriously to abandon this system of modules. The South Korean brand would take less risk to avoid another failure. However, a spokesman for the company said AndroidPIT that such decisions had not been taken and the rumors of a final design is inaccurate.

“we have made no decision and everything is for the moment only speculation.” “We are always looking for the needs and expectations of our current and potential customers.”

LG G6: specifications

brand LG
model G6
system Android Nougat
with the LG UX interface
display IPS LCD ~ 5.7 “(90% of the surface)
Definition : probably an unusual ratio of 2:1 and a definition in 2880 x 1440 pixels
CPU Snapdragon 821
graphics chip Adreno 530
memory RAM
internal memory
sensors accelerometer, Gyroscope, proximity,
compass, barometer, fingerprint and/or iris reader
battery battery capacity: 3200 mAh
fast loading system: Yes
Dimensions 149.4 mm (length) x 72,43 mm (width)

price launch
~ 700 euros

LG G6: release date and price

Finally, interestingly, LG will present its new flagship early in the year 2017. Well, heard, LG should probably reveal its G6 on the occasion of the MWP at the end of the month of February, 2017, on 26 February. Better, the smartphone could be launched in the wake on 10 March, at least on its domestic market, according to an ETNews , the G6 would then happen in France in the days and weeks that follow.

Side tariff, however, no information has filtered but it is likely that the smartphone is still at high rates, around the 699 euros.

Presentationle 26 February at MWC

what would you like to see on the next flagship of LG?

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