Lenovo Yoga Book: the useless to the Nice

out of curiosity, I spent a few weeks with the Yoga Book. I found the interesting concept of hybrid tablet/computer and wanted to deepen my knowledge on the subject, and now that it’s done I reached a conclusion: wanting to do several things at once is not a good thing. Everything at least, in this area at this time.

In practice, the concept works because it is the basis of smartphones: allow to do lots of different things from the same device (chat, surf, watch videos, play, etc.). Yet something is wrong with this Yoga Book which is so promising.

something wrong with this Yoga Book which is so promising

effect wow to disappointment

at first, he has a big effect. I was very excited after reading the test of Shu, and in view of the comments, I wasn’t the only one. A keyboard without keys, a sort of built-in graphics tablet, Android, a (slight) alternative to a laptop… He has it all, and the worst in all this is that today ‘ even today all of these points are very interesting but you have to put some caveats.

The keyboard without keys is an interesting concept that Lenovo has rather successfully put into practice. It is even possible to Ctrl C, Ctrl V, the Alt Tab and other combinations of keys after a small period of adjustment, but as fun as it may be there are still some drawbacks we will see later. The Tablet is also rather successful and allows you to have a good time, budding designers will probably appreciate this feature much. The battery is also correct and benefits in addition to a system of quick charge.

The design? Rather successful. Of course, we could quibble a little bit and blame wide borders to screen at a time when the borderless seems imposing, but it is not really disturbing. So, what is wrong with this Book Yoga?

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0086
a keyboard without keys, there’s something original. © AndroidPIT

the disadvantages ruin everything

useful or useless?

The major problem of this tablet is that you play with and we move on. For example, the graphic potential is great fun for several days, but when you’re not a true fan (of drawing, in this case), you get tired. It’s still silly to be tired of the main feature of the tablet.

Having a keyboard on one side, one touchscreen on the other is a good idea in theory, but in practice it does not truly difference. I imagine hard to take notes with the Yoga Book: while the device is much lighter than a laptop, but the “keyboard” is small and does not respond to the keys, not ideal for fast writes. For example, for me who write without looking at the keyboard, I am strongly slowed down on a small keyboard without keys of this type. Can probably get used to the long but is still quickly frustrating.

In short, the side “tablet” is rather succeeded, the “computer” side is less and the side “drawing” will be to much unnecessary.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0156
this feature is fun… for a while. © AndroidPIT

software Interface ever at the edge

the problem of this tablet is that it runs on Android Marshmallow. Certainly, it is not dramatic in itself because we very well just this version for “simple” use of the device. However, must take into account the problem of fragmentation of Android: some manufacturers (Samsung wave) are reluctant to propose updates to the less popular devices because the effort is (according to them) not deserved, what users think. In other words, Nougat will arrive on your Yoga Book long after its release, and nothing is said for Android O.

in other words, you will have the same problem you can find on a smartphone: your system will not often truly up-to-date. That said, if you plan to buy a new tablet every year or every two years, this may not be a problem for you. Even if you have not necessarily need the latest version of the operating system, the simple concept to buy a device that will not work on the latest version is pretty frustrating (this is one of the reasons that pushed me to give up Windows a few years ago). 

It is unacceptable on the part of a manufacturer not to keep track of updates

what do you think?

Report price/use not attractive

the tablet with Android costs 499 euros. From a certain point of view, it deserves its price: there are good components, the concept is original and it allows an interesting technology (transcribe drawings on paper on the screen). In practice, is it really necessary to invest so much in a device which, if you’re like me, you get tired after a few days? From a purely financial perspective, so take a normal Tablet and connect a keyboard OTG, sacrificing the graphic side. Later, in a more technological perspective (and perhaps even progressive?) Yoga Book makes more sense. 

So to conclude, I would say that this Yoga Book is for me a camera original and successful, which caters to a very specific audience, and who could attract many curious. How many of them will still appreciate the device after 1 or 2 months of use? This is another question on which some of you may be able to answer in the comments. Maybe the market is simply not ripe for this technology, we’ll see over time if such devices became popular in the future.

Are you part of the target audience for Lenovo with this Tablet?

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