Lenovo motorcycle G5 unfolds in photos leakees

who says motorcycle G5 most says of course motorcycle G5. The latter is much more discreet than my brother, but overall they should present many common characteristics. See below what we know on this unit.

Lenovo motorcycle G5: design and finish

the motorcycle G5 Plus has been the source of many leaks and we already could see what the device looks like. The G5, him, is less about him. We know that it is a smartphone in metal that still allows to remove the battery. A few images were leakees, we can see that the device looks a lot like the G5 more. 

moto g5 dudu rocha
the device looks like the bike G5 more. © Dudu Rocha

it has a 5 inch screen, it is slightly smaller than the bike G5 plus. At the level of the definition, they use both Full-HD (1080 x 1920), which probably means that you can forget the VR experience with this phone.

Lenovo motorcycle G5: performance

inside, we find the following configuration: Android 7.0 Nougat, processor Snapdragon 430, 2 GB RAM, internal memory of 32 GB. In comparison, motorcycle G5 most wants to justify the “Plus” in its name by offering more memory (64 GB) internal and a processor Snapdragon 625.

This configuration does not place the smartphone in the high-end category, but this isn’t a surprise. In theory, it should allow you to make most of your tasks in a fluid way, only a test will verify if this is really the case.

moto g5 dudu rocha 2
Android Nougat is there. © Dudu Rocha

Lenovo motorcycle G5: specifications

brand Lenovo bike
model G5
system Android 7.0 Nougat
screen IPS of 5 inches
Definition Full HD (1080 x 1920)
CPU Snapdragon [430
graphics chip Adreno 505
memory RAM 2 GB
internal memory 32 GB
memory expansion: microSD reader
sensors accelerometer , Gyroscope, proximity,
compass, barometer, fingerprint and/or iris reader

fingerprint reader

price launch
probably autour 250 euros

Lenovo motorcycle G5: release date and price

obviously, the device will be presented at MWC at the same time that the G5. The price should be affordable, around 250 euros. Last year, the motorcycle G4 cost 229 euros in France. 

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