It is hard to get excited for this MWC 2017 edition

one could assume that there will be much to discover with great public excitement during one of the biggest high-tech trade fairs of the world. Indeed, the Mobile World Congress approach to strides (from February 27 to March 2, in case you are not aware), and while he gets ready to welcome a little over 90,000 visitors in the space of a few days, it becomes very difficult to have big expectations this year.

having been to the lounge on several editions, is not the experience or the habit that create a kind of general malaise at home this year, but it’s hard to get excited when the companies do not have seem to have their hearts (figuratively) to this.

OnePlus, Xiaomi, Apple, Google (in terms of product launch) and HTC are either not to be present at the show, or make presentations private rather than an official presence. In this list, no surprise to Apple: it never comes. Brands that attended this event – before and have dominated coverage – as Samsung have significantly reduced their presence.

androidpit Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Renders
– what are the prototypes of the next Samsung S8? In any case, we won’t see them at MWC 2017. © GearIndia/Onleaks

Samsung will be present for the occasion, with the presentation of a new Android Tablet , but there will be no new flagship which is, usually, one of the highlights of the show. So, what is there to see in terms of smartphones?

Almost at the top of list of brands, we get launches expected from terminals such as the Moto G5 and LG G6 , while BlackBerry will present my DTEK70/Mercury. BlackBerry, of course, is more really BlackBerry, and the device has already been presented to the these this year.

The great frequenter Sony will, with, no doubt, its Xperia X 2 (and up to four other smartphones, potentially), but even the successor to the Xperia X is only a replacement for intermediate range. Not that there is a problem with this type of device, but is not there we’ll usually find innovations. We see them as a range of terminals that offer good value for money.

Nokia – another brand emptied of its substance, given that it is exploited and sold by HMD Global – could see the most anticipated launch of smartphone show, but there are only few details of what they might be: among the rumors, Nokia 8, code-named “Supreme”.

android 5 choses moments forts qui marquent yotaphone 2 image 01
the last time I’ve heard of YotaPhone, it was with the YotaPhone 2. © YotaPhone

some of the most interesting smartphones (and not necessarily among the best-sellers) previous editions do not seem of the party this year. Nextbit was acquired by Razer last month, and sales of its smartphone Robin were arrested immediately. What about the YotaPhone? Remember the double screens to electronic ink exhibited in previous years? YotaPhone not out of press release on its site since 2014, so either he is preparing something big, or nothing at all.

Beyond smartphones

this does not mean that there is nothing interesting for the MWC, but that innovations will probably have nothing to do with smartphones or tablets.

Over the past years, MWC has focused on the IoT, the connected devices and the network infrastucture ( 5 G and beyond) that will support new technologies in development. These are hard to understand and describe progress: we can’t touch them, have them in the Palm of the hand or test them in the same way as a smartphone, but they are just as important in the long run.

But it is often difficult to convince the public of the potential and the importance of connected devices when objects such as Bluetooth necklaces for dogs, the refrigerators connected and ‘smart’ masks tend to dominate the show returns. And Yes, all of these objects were presented in 2016, a meter with Bluetooth connection.

Just what we were missing, isn’t it?

And you, what do you expect most of the Mobile World Congress 2017? Let know us in the comments below.

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