I started to use this browser on my Android and I do regret not

recently, we published an article on Opera Mini in which we told you that you could say goodbye to Chrome. In the comments section, many users have cited other alternatives to the Google browser, but one of them has particularly attracted attention. Find out what browser it comes later in this article.

Dolphin was my first favorite browser

when I started to use Android in 2011 – the version of Android was Gingerbread – there were few really effective internet browsers. Chrome was not yet available and the most interesting option was Dolphin. It was a very pleasant to use browser, because it was quick and had one of the best user interfaces. Then I gave up Dolphin browser installed by default on my Xperia Arc, and with time I replaced it with Chrome.

I used Dolphin for the first time on Android Gingerbread 2.3

I recently decided to reinstall Dolphin on my smartphone to see changes to the browser, and I propose you to discover three features of the browser that I particularly like.

1. the optional support of Flash Player

today, all major internet sites have abandoned Flash Player in favor of HTML 5, the current standard to build sites and interactive web content. However, some sites still use Flash Player, which can be a problem for some users.

Dolphin offers support for this plugin since its creation, and should continue to bear until the last days of Flash. It can be enabled or disabled in the options of the browser if needed.

androidpit FR dolphin flash
configuration of Flash Player in Dolphin. © ANDROIDPIT

thanks to this option, you can access all the sites that work with Flash. The use of the plugin has an impact on the consumption of battery, but it is weak and is comparable to a YouTube HD video playback.

2 Dolphin is the King of extensions

the word that defines the better Dolphin is “customization”. It’s the second browser with the largest number of extensions and customization options behind Firefox for PC. It is possible to apply themes to the browser, available via a shop built into the application or created by your own care.

The browser offers a night mode, which replaces the background of the sites you visit by a black background and displays the text to white, a private browsing mode, and the ability to view items without their images, in order to improve the speed of loading pages and to concentrate on reading.

androidpit FR dolphin
interface and options of Dolphin. © ANDROIDPIT

with the extensions of Dolphin catalog, you can add many features to the browser. Some allow for example to replace the video Flash Player, there are some optimizers of energy or QR code readers. A plugin that I like particularly is Web to PDF, allowing you to save Web pages as pdf.

The tabs in the browser are also customizable, as well as the Favorites, which can be rearranged on the main page in folders.

I urge you to test the functionality of search by gestures. It allows to draw with your finger on your mobile, and to record commands to quickly access your favorite sites.

androidpit FR dolphin gestes
go to your favorite sites with the gestures feature. © ANDROIDPIT

3. Security and confidentiality

Dolphin is not as integrated as Chrome in Android, but it has sync and interesting security features which facilitate its use. One of the options that I like most allows to export its navigation data, and record the history of navigation in the internal memory of the phone.

Synchronization of the tabs is another interesting feature. It allows to sync open tabs on a device with all other devices that are connected with the same account. If you use Dolphin on an iPad, for example, you can switch on your Android device and continue to visit the sites on which you were on your iPad.

androidpit FR dolphin connect
synchronization of the tabs. © ANDROIDPIT

for those who still do not have Marshmallow, it is possible to set the location settings in Dolphin, in order to save battery and avoid that your data are monitored by suspicious sites. Security filters are also very effective and you warn when visiting fraudulent websites or have not updated certificates.

androidpit FR dolphin telechargement
you can download your data of sailing with Dolphin. © undefined

is worth to use Dolphin?

In conclusion, I can say it was worth it to test Dolphin for a few days. The browser is also effective, fast, and secure. Many customization options are a real plus, if you use them sparingly. 

Dolphin is light and is also an excellent option for those who own a phone with 1 GB of RAM or less, or have little storage space. You can download it from the Store using the button below:

Dolphin – Best Web Browser 🐬 Install on Google Play

have you ever tried Dolphin? What browser are you using and what features of Dolphin do you like?

Article first published in June 2016

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