HTC wants to go into the RV mobile

Although the RV market has stagnated a little bit, it has a huge potential and could explode by 2020. Before coming to fully win the hearts of the audience, several problems must first be resolved. Some companies see virtual reality as the promised land where they can thrive. This is the case from HTC that will propose a new VR device which, this time, focuses on the concept of mobility.

the sales of HTC, Chia – lin Chang, has made several interesting statements. First, he explained that the Taiwanese brand has plans to release a new VR device. The concept is (in theory) rather simple: “we have a solid plan to associate mobility with the VR”, he said in an interview before that my comments are relayed by CNET . What is it so exactly?

It is better to make sure that there is enough content RV before going out of new helmets

what do you think?

A device of a new kind…

Chang said that “Vive is [un appareil] very high-end, in the coming months you will see our plans on mobility and the VR, and it isn’t a Smartphone that you can place in a helmet”. This shows several things: on the one hand the device could play in another court the HTC long live, so not to be my successor itself. The second thing is the nature of the device itself: it would be either independent headphones (that does not need the Smartphone), is a new technology that would connect the smartphone directly with the helmet. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know not much more on the device. The “mobile” side is quite interesting, and my association with the concept of VR can leave perplexed. Obviously, HTC wants to create an independent unit of the smartphone, that is to say that you can take it anywhere and use it with ease. Or perhaps does meant something else? Some wonder already if we will have a future where it would be normal wear headphones VR/AR and live in a semi-informatique world, as is the case in the video below.

… to navigate the new world

back to HTC. This is a secret that finances are not really to go lately. The Smartphone market seem to escape the manufacturer, yet this isn’t a problem of quality since its devices are overall pretty good, but it does not seem to happen to break. It is perhaps simply time for the Taiwanese manufacturer to set the course to a new continent: that of the VR. As mentioned above, virtual reality has a great potential and those who will be able to navigate in the direction of the current could see success (ie the fortune) at the end of the path.

Chang himself says: “we are a company VR, we’ll have something [à présenter]”. We will probably hear talk about this whole thing in the MWP in some days, but whatever it is it confirmed that the device will be launched before the end of the year. 

One thing is certain: we must solve some problems. On the one hand, how to access the RV if you wear glasses? How to ensure that the use of a headset VR won’t cause any longer of headache or of stomach? How to get enough content VR if there are so few users? How to attract users if there is so little content VR? 

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