How to watch TV on their Android smartphone?

In 2017, we also frequently watch television streaming on their smartphone or Android tablet as on my TV. The advantage is that there is not necessarily need to be in my living room for that and we can isolate himself quietly with headphones and my smartphone to watch a movie or series. Nevertheless, dispose of the application, and a good connection! 

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watch TV with official applications of channels

applications chaines tv

a , the big advantage of official applications of channels of DTT, is that they offer, not only live stream on your smartphone of broadcast programmes but also various services including the replay as well as a TV guide. You will never miss again no episode more beautiful life!

Seriously, most of the DTV channels have their own app and just go take a walk in the Store to find but we’re friendly, we offer a small recap of the essential TV apps to have on your smartphone.

Note that some apps include several string as France TV video-on-demand, which includes programs of France 2, France 3 (with all local stalls), France 4 France Ô or France 5 and applications official 6Play of the Group M6 and MyTF1. The advantage is that it saves you from having to install dozens of applications. Here are the main ones that absolutely need:

with your operator

TV applications

applications tv operateurs

in addition to the official applications of TV channels, it is quite possible to rely on the application of your operator that will, most of the time, already installed on your smartphone. Note that for some operators, this option is not free. As always, there are live, a replay and even VOD.

Most of the time, the channels are available as well in 3G / 4G Wifi but still made attention to your package data . The streaming quality will depend, once again, that your Internet .

Note that on the side of Free, only the ISP customers are entitled to a TV application called Box’ TV n. It needs to be connected to Wifi its Freebox in order to access the operator stations, Free Mobile customers with a fixed internet offer from a different ISP so not have right and will have to rely either on official apps of the listed channels above service Molotov that you will address in the next paragraph.

Watch TV with Molotov, the ultimate solution


available for all Android and Android TV since November, devices Molotov is still the best solution . The application developed by Pierre Lescure and one of the founders of Allociné is intended to completely reinvent the way we watch television by highlighting the content rather than the TV channels. Live and replay are mixed without distinction and the application offers no less than 36 free channels. We thus find the 26 TV channels which in addition to M6 Boutique, luxury or even BFM Business.

Note that all channels can be viewed in HD if your connection allows and if of course the original stream is offered in this format. The app also offers paid options like + movie for 9.99 euros per month, 100 hours of recording for 3.99 euros per month and the Extended option which offers more than 70 channels including AB1, Paris première, Teva, or even TCM Movie for 9.99 euros a month. Application by excellence of the televores!

Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Miracast: which solution to choose?

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