How to update Android and install the latest version of

update Android under the last version available is a relatively simple operation, still need to know where to look. Having the latest version of the OS is very important, as this can make corrections, more security, more performance or even new features and a new interface. Follow the guide, how do you say you enjoy the latest updates.

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how to upgrade Android simply

as you already know, there are several versions of Android, more or less custom: Android stock that you find among others on the Google Pixel , but also versions with the overcoat of the manufacturer and sometimes even the operator. The operation remains the same for all, only the menus to access may slightly change. It immediately shows you how. You’ll see, it’s not that complicated.

The Android update in 3 steps

in a few very simple steps and accompanied by images so that each of you can follow them without problem, we explain how to update Android. The images below have been taken on a Samsung Galaxy S7 but the method is the same for all Android smartphones. Especially be sure to charge your phone in order to avoid that it turns off during the update and be sure to be connected in Wifi.

  • Go to the parameters phone

  • then, in the section about the phone (usually at the bottom)

  • press software updates

comment mettre a jour android

a search of update runs automatically. Then, it will tell you if your tablet or smartphone can be updated. If an update is available, you can download, so be sure to have a stable internet connection.  Once the update is downloaded, you will be offered to install it during installation your device will not be usable.

Alternatives to not wait for updates

for all users of Custom ROM as Lineage OS , this tutorial will not be not useful since the new versions moved manually. You will actually need to “Flash” the ROM then that a new version is available to be able to enjoy.

Regarding the availability of updates, your device will not necessarily eligible for the latest version of Android, depends on the model of your unit, sometimes your operator and the manufacturer of your device.

All manufacturers do not necessarily play the game and everyone is so not housed in the same boat. In the best cases, the duration of the software support offered by the manufacturer is between 18 and 24 months.

Android 7.0 Nougat update: smartphones and tablets that will receive it

another important point, your phone is not reset when installing an update . Your personal data will always be present in full as a result of this, be it messages, contacts, photos or your favorite apps, everything will be there.

Only the interface, features, and performance can change, most of the time, improving. So no fear!

If you can’t wait updates, you can always visit our forum to see how rooting your Android device and install newer versions of the Roma. Go here to learn more .

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