How to turn off the location of applications with Android?

for obvious reasons (Finally we want to believe it), the Android applications use the location for: GPS, navigation, messaging or simply Manager of devices – which allows to find a lost or stolen device. For the majority of applications, the location is legitimate and useful, if it is possible to disable this feature for others. Only here. With Android, the location it’s all or nothing. In the subject of this article, we will explain “How to turn off the location of the Android apps” and, even if you don’t have the latest version of Android that offers this feature.

solutions to disable localization of Android?

For the whole of the system since the General settings

since the arrival of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean; and even earlier through the interface of some brands, the feature that allows you to interact with the localization has been reworked by several times and eventually to mature. That you have version 2.3 or 7.0 of Android, the option has almost never changed place, except in the earliest versions of the OS in which Android was still taking its brands.

To toggle the location, you must:

  • open General Android and this, settings
    • drop down the status bar and clicking on the mechanical wheel (5.0 +)

    • always the same, but by opening the second part where are installed the ‘settings’ (4.0 to 4.4)

    • opening the drawer of applications to find and click on the ‘settings’ (2.3 +)

  • ‘General Settings’ Android , are looking for a menu called ‘Location’,
    or something that comes close as ‘Location’, ‘Position’, etc.

comment desactiver localisation applications android images 01
turn or no localization of Android, it is rather simple. © ANDROIDPIT
  • when you are in the menu, it must then click on the latch to activate or
    disable localization. On latest versions of Android, same
    it is possible to go further in Customizing by choosing how the
    location of your mobile is orchestrated. For this, there are three options:
    • high precision: use the GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile networks
      to determine the position. It is the function that accesses the most things.

    • saving: use Wi – Fi, Bluetooth and mobile networks for
      determine the position. This is viable, if you’re near
      wireless networks, but it doesn’t operate by the GPS chip. It is very specific.

    • unit only: use GPS to determine position. For this
      option, only the GPS chip is used. You will then understand that you
      can use it only if your device’s GPS chip is convincing.

comment desactiver localisation applications android images 02
Maybe it’s more image, speaking here as these options are usually. © ANDROIDPIT
  • If you close the latch, you will then understand that any location will be blocked,
    finally almost since two options a little hidden continue to operate without your knowledge
    with the location, if they are checked. This is search WiFi and Bluetooth.

  • to turn them off, you have to click on three vertical points at the top right,
    which will then open the menu ‘search’ in which are seated the two options.

  • If you don’t need it, disable them right now. Furthermore, the fact of disable
    these two options will allow you to extend a little more autonomy on a daily basis. Ah?
    Yes since your Android terminal will have two processes and less to manage, and I think
    know you already processes that rake the networks are very energy-intensive.

that is! Now, we can say that you know everything about turning off the GPS from Android location. That said, we have not yet finished since it is possible to go further, by playing the role of a rudder that will silence some too intrusive applications that allow themselves – sometimes – go too far.

For each Android application as since the General settings

with Android 7.0 and more

for those who ignore it, brings Android Marshmallow 6.0 version of new significant options to strengthen the confidentiality of the user. To do this, it is now possible to manage the permissions of each Android application. On the other hand, we agree on the fact that this famous option is well stashed as it will be not easy to find for a normal user who does not know really the Android OS.

trucs astuces android 6 0 marshmallow gestionnaire permissions autorisations image 02
here’s how to activate all of the permissions grouped by type with Android + 6.0. That being said, you can also manage the permissions of each application individually from the first window. © ANDROIDPIT

to access this submenu of Android, you need to:

  • run the State/notification bar and click on the mechanical wheel top right.

  • then drag the drop-down list to search for and click on ‘Applications’.

  • once inside, click on the mechanical wheel (yet) at the top right.

  • in this menu, the first option should be called ‘ allowed. apps ‘. Open it.

  • when you’re there, look for the ‘Position’ section in the list and open it.

  • normally, you should be able to see the applications that access
    or not ‘Location’ and is one you want to disable. Finally, only if
    you feel that they have no particular reason to access. Play your game!

from 4.3 to 5.1 Android

for users who do not yet have Marshmallow (Android 6.0) or a more recent version, the system will not allow you to access permissions of applications, of course, and so the ability to disable the position for each of them. However, there are alternative – in the form of Android applications and solutions available on the Google Play – who you allow to climb over the barrier easily.

android location 5
applications like AppOpps allow to manage location application-by-application settings. / © ANDROIDPIT

to do this, there are several. You can try them:

AppOps Install on Google Play App Ops Install on Google Play

if these applications do not work, feel free to go rummage on Google Play. In addition to managing access to the position requested by applications, App Ops – just like the Android + 6.0 function – allows you to manage other intrusive permissions that we let you discover for yourself, but you will enjoy!

The Custom ROM also help

If you didn’t, it is the Custom ROM can open this function without the need of Marshmallow. Among the more generalist, the Custom ROM such as CyanogenMod, AOKP, Paranoid Android and OmniROM offer it natively. Outside, there are probably other less known Custom ROM that also ship the function. For more information on this topic, I invite you to discover our two articles on the subject:

comment desactiver localisation applications android cyanogenmod image 00
CyanogenMod is precisely one of the Custom ROM that allows you to block applications before Marshmallow (Android 6.0) position, CyanogenMod 12.1 and others before they are the example. © ANDROIDPIT

and more to enhance your privacy (a little more), disable this type of options you will gain autonomy daily, seeing although some applications no longer have rights to access the position. On the one hand, it’s a good and a bad thing since some applications respond fiercely to be blocking by becoming unusable. At that point, why not move towards an alternative that does not require this access? Here again, you have the cards in hand. You are the sole judge of what passes between your mobile phone and the network.

Now we come at the end of this article and we hope he will be able to answer all your questions.

Article written by Tony Balt, and first published in February 2016

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