How to recover your data and photos deleted by mistake on Android

recover photos or files deleted on Android, it is quite possible and even easy. There are several solutions, some require a PC, others do not. We have selected for you the most easy to use, an application called Dumpster that will allow you to make the manipulation directly on your phone. Another advantage, it does not need to be rooted. Everyone can use it! 

recuperer donnees photos supprimees android

Recover photos deleted by mistake on Android

who has never experienced this? A gesture which slides, too much movement and hop, the vacation pictures with Grandma (or well most shameful pictures,) the unreleased Miley Cyrus, directly deleted without another form of trial. You’re inconsolable to the huge loss of these files precious. Dry your tears, a solution exists.

And it has a small name, Dumpster. Once active, this application of the Google Play Store allows to watch over major media files in order to save you from the disaster in all circumstances or almost, more so that it requires no rooting your smartphone or tablet.

It will simply ensure a mandatory prerequisite. Dumpster should be installed before committing the irreparable . Implied, that a file deleted before installation of Dumpster will not be recovered. Indeed, the app turns modestly in the background and plays the role of your favorite trash of the computer. That’s what make you the familiar concept.


  • download the application Dumpster on your precious Android by clicking below.

Dumpster sur le Play Store

How to effectively configure Dumpster

  • accept the user license agreement.

  • Set up what will be the file to protect clicking on on / off. Initial Setup, by default, should be suitable for most uses. Then validate.

recuperer photos

  • After one analysis of your file (the operation should take about ten seconds), get you to the main screen of Dumpster.

recuperer photos effacees

  • The interface is very readable. On the symbol at the top on the right, it is possible to sort by date, size, type and name.

recuperer photos android

  • Under Dumpster, it is possible to classify the display by media , a feature very convenient.

recuperer photos effacees android

Recover a file deleted in error

  • now, all erased file will appear in this ‘trash’ handy , example with these some photographs of all beauty. Freshly cleared, we find them so here (with an Eternity Warriors 3 ad).

android recuperer photos

  • By clicking on the type of media, here Camera, O joy, we find all deleted files.

android photos effacees

Permanently delete all files protected

  • by default, the application will save all files selected during the initial Setup.

  • It is possible to specify a number of days or weeks before full removal saved media by going to settings.

android recuperer photos effacees

  • Another option, if you prefer erase files before that time (or because you have disabled the previous function), simply go to the menu at the top right.

  • Then select “Empty Dumpster”. As stated, this operation is irreversible, so be careful!

recuperer fichiers android

You now have all the cards in hand to avoid the disaster. Note finally that Dumpster monitors all files of the device but just the indicated media in the initial Setup. A very simple example. If you are using a file browser and you remove a dark .phn file so it will be truly deleted.

What are the limitations of such an application. Finally, this tutorial uses the free version of the app, if you do upgrade to the version paid (2.99 euros) then you will be able to remove the advertising screens as well as protect the final deletion by a secret code. Practice in case of small curious have fun to go see your personal basket.

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