How to improve the audio quality of your smartphone?

note: some applications require that your phone is rooted.

We must also warn that no applications are really miraculous, but with simple adjustments, the sound quality may be really improved significantly. 


1.  Locate the speakers

2.  Remove the protections

3.  Match the volume

4.  Use an equalizer

5.  Get more music app

6.  Our appliance

1. Locate your speakers

this may seem absurd at first sight, but the first thing to do is to locate where your speakers. Many devices have two grids but, in many cases, a single transmit sound. Other devices such as the new Sony Xperia have so small holes that we hardly distinguish them. Launch of the music in order to locate them.

Androidpit Xperia Z5 Premium 11 w782
make sure that nothing is blocking the output on your device. © ANDROIDPIT

once you know where your speakers, you’ll know how to keep or ask your device in order not to block the exit. If you cover the audio output with your hand, it is clear that the quality of the sound is not good.

2. remove the protection of your smartphone

there is no doubt that owning a cover and/or a protection shell has positive effects in terms of safety, but they are not suitable for all situations. If you want to listen to music while your device is “trapped” in a cover, it will affect quality. If you use a universal cover and/or not suitable for your smartphone, it may cover your speakers, which will have a direct impact on the volume.

3. increase the volume of your device

you know of course that it is possible to change the menu of your smartphone from the keys located on the edge (or on the back, in the case of the former LG), but you can go further in this configuration. Functions that were formerly reserved for rootes smartphones are now possible on all devices with some applications.

In addition, it is important to understand how sound waves work. You can get a good reverb by placing your speaker in a corner, a box or even a glass (empty of course).

4. use an equalizer

A hand on the smartphones from Sony, sound management is generally not optimal. We always find the default Equalizer but, generally speaking, it only works with the music player installed and is not compatible with others available on the Store. The solution is simple: Please download one from the Store.

Before you choose the happy elected, know that no application will make miracles if your hardware does not. In most cases, however, it is possible to improve the sound quality of consistently.

Music Volume EQ

If you listen to much music on your smartphone, you know the importance of the bass. Many applications of the Store take care of this feature, and Music Volume EQ is one of the best in this area. But know this: the application works best when you use headphones.

After installing the application, launch your favorite audio player and open the application. You see then the symbol in the status bar. You will see on the screen a menu that allows you to manage your player but also to adjust the volume and Equalizer. You will find control of the bass at the bottom left of the window.

music volume eq
Music Volume EQ is rather simple to use. © ANDROIDPIT

although I have improved the quality of the sound and strengthened the bass, the application has nevertheless reduced the volume of sound of the device (the Xperia Z Ultra).


Paid or free application free
application 4.87 MB
compatibility Android 2.3 +
Version of the application 3.31

the equalizer music Install on Google Play

Bass Booster

Bass Booster takes a little bit less room on the smartphone , is easy to use and has a look more vintage. We find five bands at the level of the equalizer, 20 preset styles of music and the possibility to opt for a manual customization or automatic, according to the style of music he listens to.

the Bass Booster interface is very simple. © ANDROIDPIT

between various functions, the application allows to choose the appearance and the theme you want. In addition, you can increase the volume (Volume Boost) and the voice if you want to make a call (Voice Boost).

It is important to use this application with headphones as you may otherwise damage the speakers of your device.



Paid or free application free
application 1.99 MB
Android 2.3 +
Version of the application Version 3.0.2

Bass Booster Install on Google Play

5. Operate more a music app

music installed by default on your device app is perhaps limited to the level of the audio setup. You can replace it with a more powerful app in this area, for example Poweramp or Equalizer Music Player Booster that allow both to change the sound, low etc

‘Equalizer Music Player boost’ provides a 5 Equalizer bands then Poweramp provides an equalizer 10 bands. Access to better features are a little more expensive, but if the sound quality is important to you you will not regret.

why not potential the sound directly from the app? © ANDROIDPIT


paid or free Application free, trial version
application 6,30 MB
compatibility 2.1 +
Version of the application 2.0.10 (build 588)

Poweramp Install on Google Play

paid or free Application free with purchases In – App
Size of the application 8.03 MB
compatibility Android 5.0 +
Version of the application 2.6.1

Equalizer + Player Volume Boost Install on Google Play

6. Our appliance

you already know: when you our braces, you can set up more things. Everything about the sound is no exception to the rule, but you will however need for specialized applications that you will find on the Store. Among them, the most popular is undoubtedly Viper4Android.

There are different versions of this application, depending on your version of Android and your native equalizer, but you’ll find them all on the Store, the official site of Viper or this forum of XDA Developers.

here’s what Viper4Android looks like. © ANDROIDPIT

the application allows many possibilities of configuration. Its interface is very dataillee, you can see that it is possible to set up differently speakers of headphones and/or your Bluetooth headset.

7 UtilEAD of the headphones

is quite logical: If you are using headphones, you’ll have a better sound experience with the speaker of your device. Some devices (including models of HTC with BoomSound) offer a rather pleasant sound experience, but using a headset or headphones is still more pleasant.

Taking mini-jack being endangered on some models, the focus is put on the headphones and wireless headsets. They provide a better sound experience (best quality, noise reduction on some models…) but they are also more expensive. We have written an article where we present you the best helmets and headphones and the other where we present you the best headphones and earphones Bluetooth .

If you know another way to improve the sound of your Android device, do not hesitate to us to share in the comments. 

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