How to download all photos of Google Photos in a few minutes?

Google Photos is a great service offered by Google for sauvagrder and store your photos in the cloud. It allows Android users to keep an unlimited number of photos (resized to a 16 Megapixel definition) and Google Photos (1080 p) videos. However, to download all the files at once, you must use another program. Discover how to do together.

how to download all photos of Google pictures at once

at the present time, if you need to upload your photos stored on Google Photos, you must select the images one by one. If they are in order, you all can select them by clicking on the different dates, which speeds up the process of selection but, let’s face it, is far from being a practical and fast method.

But don’t worry, the Mountain View company offers a free tool that allows you to download all the contents of your account if you wish. This miracle software called Google Takeout.

Google Photos is one of the best services to back up my photos on Android

Google Takeout, as already said, is a tool that allows you to download an archive containing all of the content of an account. The online application is responsible for creating an archive that will save locally on your PC your data taken from Google Photos, Contacts, Maps, YouTube…

To download your photos, you must follow these steps:

  • head on Google Takeout at this address . Be sure to be logged into your Google account in advance. 

androidpit FR telecharger google photos
Google Takeout is compatible with many services. © ANDROIDPIT

has opened, you will then see all the services offered by Google. You’ll also notice that all the services have been selected by default.

  • So click in a first time on don’t select anything to change this.

  • select Google Photos

  • click on next at the bottom of the page

androidpit FR telecharger google photos 2
make sure you select Google Photos. © ANDROIDPIT
  • now choose the format of the archive you want to receive. There are 3 options: .zip, .tgz e .tbz. Generally, for Windows users, it is easier to use the .zip file

androidpit FR telecharger google photos 3
choose the desired file format. © ANDROIDPIT
  • select shipping mode you want (email, Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive)

  • then click on create an archive

  • the service prepare now your archive. According to the number of photos you have saved, this process can take a few minutes. So, go have a coffee or watch a series. When everything is ready, you will receive an e-mail.

what are the benefits of using Google Photos?

As I have explained in the introduction, Google Photos is one of the best services to back up my photos on Android. One of its advantages is that it is installed by default on all Android smartphones.

It is possible to automatically download a picture taken with your smartphone and enforcement is very nice to use with an interface clean and minimalist meets Material Design. The service has also an efficient web interface, as well as applications for any other operating systems like iOS.

google PHOTOS 1 2
Google Photos is one of the best services to back up my photos on Android. © ANDROIDPIT

Google Photos also provides very useful features. For example, if you take a lot of pictures in the same place or at the same time, the application creates animations with the best pictures, videos, or collages that you can share on social networks. All of this automatically.

Recently, the service offers the opportunity to make changes to the images. Editing functions are similar to Snapseed, the major publisher of Google images.

Do you use Google Photos? Have you ever tried to download all your photos?

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