How to control a PC remotely with an Android smartphone

Google remote Desktop: free and effective

the Google Remote Desktop on Android app allows to remotely control an equipped ordintaeur of Google Chrome. Access to computer, PC or Mac is full, and no longer limited to the browser Google Chrome , as was the case previously.

google remote desktop 5
the remote desktop of Google working on smartphone and tablet. © Google

the implementation of remote control of PC is simple, just install the extension of Google Chrome on your PC or Mac you want to control remotely, as well as the application itself on the smartphone or Tablet Android. 

Chrome remote desktop Install on Google Play

control my PC with Google Chrome

remote desktop

uses the control of PC with your Android may be multiple: security, control, applications servers, etc. Imagine: you decide roaming to recover a file on your computer, by you sending or uploading it to FTP.

The only thing to know this is to configure the systems beforehand. Here’s how:

1. Go to the page of the Remote Desktop Google Chrome from your PC or Mac.

2. click install .

3. once the extension installed, login with the same Google account that you used on your smartphone Android.

4. then click on My Computers (l’interface est en anglais seulement) then Enable remote connections .

controle distance pc google remote desktop
click Enable remote connections and choose a PIN code. © ANDROIDPIT

5. You must then choose a PIN code in the window that appears. It will be used to connect from your phone, write it down carefully, and don’t choose a too easy to guess. 

google remote desktop 4
choose a PIN and keep it carefully: it is he who will allow you to connect your Smartphone. © ANDROIDPIT

6. Turn on your smartphone, the active Google Chrome application then remote control of your computer after have asked you your chosen PIN code before. 

7 return on your Android, and launch the Remote Desktop application, be sure to be connected with the same Google account you used to connect desktop remotely, and click the name of your computer.

google remote desktop 3
the connection is sometimes a bit laborious, feel free to restart the machine if after several minutes nothing happens. © ANDROIDPIT

8. You just have to enter your PIN code and that is, you now control your computer from your Android. And Yes, you can run absolutely all applications you want. 

One last tip: you can left active the automatic extinction of the screen, but disable standby on your computer.

Google Remote Desktop is not of the most fluid, but the application is free. Casually, it fulfills its function slowly, but surely. I have experienced many problems of connections. 

If you want to do the opposite, control your Android from your computer, take a look at this application: AirDroid – manage its mobile remote .

The paid solution: Splashtop 2 remote desktop

the Splashtop application has several advantages: it works on PC and Mac, turns from Android 2.3 and is compatible with Flash Player. The establishment is childish. The principle is simple: we launch the application on smartphone, launched the streamer on PC or Mac (below download link) and you can access my computer. 

Of course, it must connect to a common account to pair the two devices, security question. Splashtop allows to control up to 5 PC via their smartphone, in HD and access to all my files. The problem is its price. To genuinely connect outside the same wifi network, you must pay 16.99 euros per year. Offers professional, fuller also exist.

The application is really well designed, it is fluid, even with a poor connection and allows to interact in real time with a computer, to take control of extremely simple and fast way.

there are many and shortcuts and settings that improve the ergonomics of Splashtop 2 for Android yet. If you use two screens, you can switch from one to the other using the corresponding button. The application is a truly effective solution, not a gadget. 

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop Install on Google Play

why do you use the PC control remote on Android? A problem, questions? Ask them in the comments!

Article first published in February 2016

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