Here's why AndroidPIT will write about other topics than smartphones

you can remember how you felt when you had your first smartphone? What is it that you crossed your mind? Was it a spontaneous purchase or did you took the time to inform you before you rejoice like a kid at Christmas? What is this object has changed your life? I do not here life in the broad sense but rather your day-to-day. How many times have you taken your smartphone in hand to read your messages, check your email, watch your appointments or open a any application?

that’s almost 8 years AndroidPIT has been created. At that time, the iPhone was only one year old. However, although some were skeptical at the time, things were already clear: these objects would redefine how we communicate and interact.

With applications, we found a large number of uses. Very soon, there has been for all subjects.

All of this was exciting. Exciting, even. Each event, each presentation filled us with happiness. We feel that the potential of this technology had no limit.

smartphones are part of our daily lives, other items today write history

happens today to smartphones what happened there are twenty years with PCs. There are more innovations, only changes. In itself, is not a big deal, it’s completely normal. But there is much of interest to write about each new feature, unless it is truly extraordinary.

On the one hand, it is because our resources are limited, on the other hand it’s because history is written in sectors other than smartphones.

Contrary to what we could see 20 years ago, when PCs had become an integral part of our daily life, technology develops today in other directions. I am convinced that humanity is on the verge of the biggest upheaval in its history.

Technology will change the way we work and live. It will not only give us new possibilities and opportunities. In a very short time, she will so influence our societies that we can really talk of upheaval.

We will devote a full day to other technologies

the MWC starts tomorrow, we will have the opportunity to see many more things than usual. We will focus on the themes of the Internet of things (IoT is the commonly used acronym), the accessories connected and fitness , imagery and drones , and the virtual and augmented reality .

We organized a plan to introduce these days theme. From next Tuesday, we’ll almost as information on one of these themes.

theme days

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Internet of things (IoT), Smart Home
Wednesday, March 01, 2017 connected and Fitness Accessories
Thursday, March 02, 2017 imagery and drones
Friday, March 03, 2017 virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

do not worry This is not to say that you can read more about Android. We just want to offer a more varied with other themes important content. Next week, you can share your feelings with us: what is it that you liked? What is that displeased you? Are there other topics you would like us to address?

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