Here's the first visuals of the next interface to Play Store

Android Police received screenshots which show some of the new interface in the Google Play Store . Categories are better divided for a clearer layout.

Android Police has received from a source of screenshots of the next Google interface. As indicated by the icon next to the magnifying glass to search, the interface is still in phase of dogfooding , IE being tested within the company.

a new categories for clarity

as you can see, the categories are always sorted by pages but one of the three pages differs: applications installed on the phone and applications downloaded on the account remain, but the “beta” page is replaced by the page dedicated to updates.

the new category is therefore the updates. The interface allows to update any app directly from the page, without having to go to the page of the application, which saves some time. On this point, one can notice that Google was inspired by Apple that already allows this on its App Store.

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